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6 sheet crosscut paper/credit card shredder Auto Start and overheat protection Thermal Protection to prevent overheating manual reverse to clear paper jams shreds credit cards; small paper clips; staples Important Note: Do not spray or keep any aerosol products in or around the shredder and do not shred items like metallic credit cards

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Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder

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Amazon Basics


‎6 Sheet




‎Amazon Basics


‎Amazon Basics

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‎8 pounds

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‎7.7 x 12.1 x 15 inches

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4.6 out of 5 stars

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#23 in Office Products (See Top 100 in Office Products) #1 in Shredders

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October 11, 2018

10 reviews for 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder : Office ProductsLive viewers eye icon

  1. EM

    I have had shredders before, but none have worked as well or felt as sturdy as this one. I had a shopping bag full of papers I needed to have shredded, so I bought this 12 sheet shredder instead of taking the papers (junk mail w/my info on it, bills, etc.), to a UPS store.No problems shredding all of it, including old credit cards. A couple of times I put too many sheets in at once, and the shredder stopped, I hit the reverse, and easily removed the stuck sheets without any harm to the machine.It did not overheat (my old one did after just a few minutes), and storing it after I was done, was easy. The basket is a bit on the small side, though adequate and much sturdier than my old shredder’s. The glass (hard plastic?) window in the basket made it easy to see when it needed to be emptied.The top that contains the shredding system and all the electricals to run it, is very heavy, thus, it was good to have a sturdy basket. The top fits well into the basket. My previous shredder always felt unstable, but this one did not.I will probably be using WD-40 oil to make sure it continues to work well. I need to learn how often that is recommended, and will fully read through the enclosed instructions to learn how often – if it’s recommended at all. Some comments mentioned it before I decided to buy this, so I’ll look into it since I never oiled other shedders. (Maybe that’s why they didn’t last? – Who knows…)For this one, though: so far, so good. Seems to be well worth the $40 price.

  2. C.Ryn

    I’m turning 30, I’m moving, and I’m going through drawers and gym bags… and boxes and bags and oh my God how is there mail from 2019 in this container? I can’t move like this! So I go to Amazon (after Walmart) looking for something SIMPLE that will protect our identity after I shed old cards and irs statements. After hours of sorting unopened mail, and having multiple heart attacks at HOW MUCH OF MY INFORMATION IS DISCLOSED IN NORMAL ENVELOPES, I realized I wanted something NOW. I read the reviews on the fancy shredders and to be frank, I’m not that important. I don’t have a use for this every day. So cost wise, with the many pictures and videos I was mostly sold on the give it to me now option known as get it today. It’s a beast. I could take this out of the box in the dark and still set in the top (all the machinary and teeth, maybe 5-8lbs dense weight) to align to the base. It has a safety mechanism so it won’t allow you to try to use it if it’s not personally feeling secure. If I broke the waste basket (where it must connect to release the safety) I feel confident I could Jerry something up and continue using it however this thing is tough. I’m not looking to kick it around, I put it back in its box after 30 minutes of fun. It’s quiet enough my roommate still continued doing his calls working from home while I chewed away this embarrassing mess of don’t do this with your mail. I got the 12 sheet shredder, knowing I had insurance packets and old cards. My only complaint is to progressive insurance. If you are so pushy with paperless service when you are my insurer, why do I feel like this is mob mentality of a horse head in my bed as I shred entire adolescent trees coated in advertisement…. powerful. You can use it without instructions but if you want to be perfect, read the instructions. I got the 10$ warranty, seems better that another 50$ if I break the can. The shreds are fine enough I feel confident the only person who would try to put it back together is my mother and she lives in another state so that’s a major plus for my sense of security. Amazon returns are really easy, so if you’re unsure what you need I recommend starting here, and it’s less risk than most other sellers. Read the reviews. I didn’t over heat ever, and I only jammed my first attempt at the poor baby tree progressive sent me to bring me back to their policy. I recommend this 10 fold.

  3. Cruz’in Review

    So I have purchased three of these shredders and they are great for what they are designed to do. They “can” shredder up to eight documents at a time, but I would suggest against it. I would do about two to three documents at a time to get maximum shredding affect for the documents. Also if your going to shred cards do those one at a time. At time too I would shred some non important documents just to add fluffy to the shred to confusion anyone going through your documents. Besides that they last about two to four years with usage about two to four times a week with about 10 to 20 documents per-sessions, which for the price totally worth it. If you need to do a ton of documents I would suggest a more heavy duty shredder, but if your doing basic about through the mail this should be able to handle it. When you first get it, and you had a bunch of documents ready for shredding it might need a break about after 10 to 20 minutes of continually usage this is typical due to over heating just give it about 30 minutes before continuing shredding also make sure to empty the bin, because if it’s full it could cause it to not cool as quickly as it could when it’s empty. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

  4. Joe

    Received in Excellent Condition. I read everything that came with the shredder before I turned it on. Ran a sheet of Lubrication through it before I used it. I shredded several sheet’s and it worked really good, no hickup’s so far. It’s early so far,, so can’t say anything about durability. I recommend reading the manual before useing it: It say’s not to use Bag’s, No Envelope’s with plastic window’s, No Sticky paper like you get with Junk Mail, Only small paper clip’s and staple’s,, but try to remove them beforehand, be sure to keep the shredder lubricated (I’ll use liquid lubricant after I use up the lube sheet’s). It come’s with a 1 year warranty(Amazon Verified This), and I purchased 4 more year’s for 9 $’s,, which seemed like a bargain to me. I consider this a lite duty shredder although it does have some weight to it and I’ll be useing mine for home use only. Strongly advise reading the manual, lubricateing the shredder (Online Rule of Thumb is Lubricate everytime after dumping full container), purchase the extra Warranty for 3 or 4 year’s,, just in case, which they told me Return Shipping for Repair or Return was no charge with the Extra Warranty. It’s also a Nice Looking Shredder, Probly a Female. 🙂 I’ll update review if problem’s or in about a year or 2 otherwise.

  5. Darin Hatfield

    I had a lot of Old Finance and Bank Statements just laying in some boxes and the wife had enuf . So a shredder it was . So I went cheap but knew enuf a single sheet was a no go . So I got the 12 sheet Shredder and just beat the snot out of it . I went way over it’s Limits and it would Jam. Out came the Vice grips and I pulled out the Jam . I was not careful or slow and the shredder took everything i gave it . I used WD-40 with nozzle straw to Lube the shredder every few boxes . It went thru everything I gave it. I rate this shredder as a very high . It took old credit cards like a champ . Very thick documents did great . The jams were inevitable and Vice Grips pulled out the Jam and then the unit fired right back up . I ran on the constant setting . Never Once Over Heated and I know if I followed the recommendations this unit would never have jammed. As I said I beat it up good and the shredder took it . I completed the work and will keep the unit . I don’t know how long it will last but for $50.00 + the 12 sheet shredder did a great job . For anybody who would complain about this unit buy a $250+ shredder. But this shredder in my opinion did a great job . Again, If followed the recommendations it would have been flawless.

  6. Jacob Hermann

    This paper shredder works great! It will eat through just about anything. It’s ready to use right out of the box. It is very simple to use and feels well built. It will take credit cards, multiple sheets, and staples. I haven’t had an issue yet. The only thing I would change is adding some type of carrying handles to the bucket. It is kind of skewed to pick up and move around. Other than that, I would recommend!

  7. LisaB

    This for the price is a little beast!! I shedded a huge pile of paper in no time without any jams or problems. Of course the less you put in at a time the quicker it runs through. I thought about buying the more expensive one but read the reviews and I am glad in this economy that I went with the one I did. I just don’t like having to lift the top off. It would be easier to pull out a bin like my ones from the past.

  8. Wesley

    This shredder is one of the best I have ever had. I bought one from Walmart that does work at all ( just pull it out of the box and does not turn on). The Amazon shredder worked instantly. I am happy it can shred 12 sheets of paper. My only complaint so far for having three days is the size. I wish it was double the size but oh well.

  9. Ashleigh Matos

    We started to compost in our backyard, and also had personal documents that needed shredding, so voila! We needed a paper shredder. We like this one because it’s small and just stays in the office. The machine part of the shredder is a little heavy but manageable. It has these settings: backward shred, off, on, and fast shred. It also can shred credit cards (which I did today!) Normally we keep it unplugged so it doesn’t use vampire energy and also for safety. I just plug it in, feed it my papers, and take the bin to the compost to add some extra browns. We love it!

  10. Joyce

    I used to take my shredding to Office Depot, but now that they have closed in our town, I needed to shred my own stuff. After reading lots of reviews, this shredder seemed like it was a good deal – small, inexpensive, and quite highly rated – and it is working perfectly!

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6 sheet crosscut paper/credit card shredder Auto Start and overheat protection Thermal Protection to prevent overheating manual reverse to clear paper jams shreds credit cards; small paper clips; staples Important Note: Do not spray or keep any aerosol products in or around the shredder and do not shred items like metallic credit cards