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About this item 52 count of large (40–52″ waist), pink incontinence underwear—packaging may vary


Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women. With a premium shapewear fabric, specifically designed to fit close to your body and feel like real underwear, Depend Silhouette Women’s Incontinence Underwear has the protection you need with the comfort you’ve been waiting for. Our smoothest fabric ever – this bladder control or postpartum bladder leak underwear is sleek, feminine and discreet under clothing, unlike bulky adult diapers.

Made with an ultra soft liner that is designed to be gentle on skin, Depend for women is also unscented and lotion-free. The absorbent underwear provides Trusted Protection that instantly locks away wetness and odors to help keep you protected from leaks so you can stay confident as you take on the day. Depend Silhouette Incontinence Underwear for Women is now available in three sizes – small (28-36” waist), medium (34-44” waist), large/extra-large (42-54” waist), and in an exclusive range of feminine colors – black, pink, teal, lavender and berry. Depend adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box for your privacy. This product is FSA-eligible in the U.S. Packaging delivered to you may vary from the images shown.


Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women


Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women




Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

15.6 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches; 6.61 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

September 20, 2012

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#9 in Incontinence Protective Briefs & Underwear

Customer Reviews:

11,215 ratings

57 reviews for Depend Silhouette Incontinence and Postpartum Underwear for Women

  1. Terry Brooks – Cardona

    good product

    I purchase the Small/Petite size but they really need to work more on the fit.The amount of excess bulk in the crotch is VERY uncomfortable. All that’s smallor petite about it is the actual panty size, the size of stuff between your legs isthe same as the large!!

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  2. Gramajudy


    I loved getting colored undies but at more than twice the price of regular depends they aren’t worth it!

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  3. Kjfank

    They are comfortable and super absorbent.

    I found myself having to use something for my problem of not finding a toilet fast enough but pads were not for me. I tried one of these and was sold. I like that it held my incontenence problem all in one pretty panty without being bulky!

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  4. Kathugs

    What a way to go!

    I really like the Depends products more than some others. These particular ones are the best, as far as I am concerned. Try ’em you’ll like ’em.

    4 people found this helpful

  5. gen

    Not great for Menstrual cycle

    Not right for me. Do get a good amount for the price though.

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  6. dannycedotal



    2 people found this helpful

  7. Jeanny

    These are great and durable

    The only I wished I would have sized it correctly I bought extra large I’m a size 18 I should have bought a size large they’re a little bit oversized though just an FYI

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  8. kdward-johnson

    leek leek leek!

    These don’t have enough padding to stop the leaks. If your bladder gets full before you can find a restroom these will leak ! I have to ware a pad a heavy duty pad when I ware these or if your like me when I realize I need to go, I should have been. These will leak.

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  9. Jesseka Caine-Catchings


    This item is so helpful for the symptoms of birth control medication. I believe it’s extremely useful as an alternative to panty liners and pads.

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  10. KS Granny

    Great urinary incontinence protection, snug fit and snug leg opening

    Edit: I’ve been using Depends Silhouettes (on the Subscribe & Save program) for two years, and have just received my first package of the new, improved version in pink. I was suspicious of the “new improved” boast since that usually means the manufacturer either cut corners or changed their target market. Well, I am happy to report this IS an improvement. The older, beige ones were a snug fit, very much like pulling on a girdle with the extra ten pounds I put on since my original review; these are softer fabric and easier stretch, so they’re much easier to put on. They are actually MORE absorbent – this morning I woke up soaked, and weighed the pad – it was more than 10 ounces over the weight of a dry brief, and did NOT LEAK at all on the way to the bathroom! The beige ones leaked at 8 oz. It is possible to puncture these even with rounded, smooth fingernails, but I have done it maybe 3 times in over 2 years, and not yet with these new ones, so I don’t consider that a problem.Some reviewers complain of defective products. I get the subscription with 52 in a package, in two plastic bags, “Ships from and sold by,” and at a package per month for the last 25 months, I have never had a defective shipment or even a single defective brief.With regard to “discreet delivery” which some reviewers have mentioned, these come in a cardboard carton with the name Depends clearly printed on the side, but no pictures or other blatant identification. They used to come inside a larger, anonymous Amazon box, but I guess it’s better for the enviroment to save the extra packaging. One complaint about the carton: it’s glued, not taped. I don’t have arthritic hands, but I’m weak, and it takes me a few minutes of fierce struggling to get it open…and then longer on the bottom (so I can collapse and recycle it), since I don’t have the weight of the product holding the box down. Kimberly-Clark, for us older or ailing ladies, please switch to tape! And consider extending the size range… I know bigger ladies than I who would appreciate these.———————–Original post:I have been using Always Discreet for years, after trying other brands (including the original Depends). As far as I can tell, these absorb as much; but they absorb much faster, and the snug design (including snug leg openings) makes them much more leak-proof for me. And using the Subscribe & Save program, they cost about the same.The fabric is peculiar – not at all like the soft but papery feel of other brands. It’s soft, with an odd sheen to it, as if there are shimmering fibers woven in. The L/XL is large enough for me to pull on easily (I’m 5’1″; and 210 lb), but it’s snug and feels like a very gentle girdle (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!) I love the fit and feel of it.

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  11. Barbie

    Good comfort and absorbency

    I was to get 4 packages and I only got 2. I hope I wasn’t charged for the two I didn’t get!!!

  12. Mammi


    These are the best. Just double check that you order the correct size.

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  13. momo

    Comfortable and absorbent

    Finally!!! These are very soft and comfortable. They don’t leave the lines across your stomach like all others. They are worth the cost.

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    I was so thrilled and thankful for the comfort, style, absorbency and fit of this brief. I have used quite a few briefs, but Silhouette is far more the best one. I am so happy that I decided to try them and now I feel confident about their protection and odor prevention when I am in public among different settings. You have a customer for LIFE!!!AWESOME, WONDERFUL, AMAZING, GREAT, PRODUCT.!!!

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  15. Jean


    If you wear pants and in hot weather perfect for sweating

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  16. Eunive Kitchen

    Perfect as a replacement for heavy flow pads.

    This is a game changer. I use thease instead of pads and I am never going back.

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  17. TA

    The only diapers that fit me.

    I’m a really skinny guy with spinabifida, i’m completely incontinent. I’ve tried so many brands especially ones that are covered by my insurance but none of them fit right. guy diapers don’t fit me at all they just leak and they’re super uncomfortable with way too much padding. it sucks that my insurance doesn’t cover these for me so i’m paying for them out of pocket with ssi but it’s worth it to me because these are the only ones that work for me. I’ve been wearing 4t-5t kids huggies pull ups all my life but i’ve grown out of them and they still fit they’re just really tight on me. these are perfect for my needs they don’t leak, they’re snug. there’s not a bunch of padding. It would be nice to have some tabs so i don’t have to completely take off my pants to change nut other than that I have no complaints. It’s crazy how difficult it is to find diapers that actually function for adults, I feel like companies think we’re just sitting in our own shit and piss all day and we’re cool with it. It’s almost like the only adult diapers they make are for really fat people and elderly. It sucks that some women can’t fit in their smallest size and skinny guys can’t fit in their smallest size. It really is about money but i’m glad I was able to find something that I fit in. I hope everyone else is able to find ones that fit them because I know how hard it is and I know what it feels like to not have the support you need to feel like you’re a normal human. my waist is 28 inches and my hips are 31inches and I wear size small if you need some reference. They stretch quite a bit about 4 inches on the sides so if your measurements are a little bigger you should be okay.

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  18. Tabitha Hensley

    I love these

    Closetest you can get to underwear, no diaper rash

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  19. BaSh

    Different quality in the colors?

    I have received the black, Burgundy and light pink. I usually end up with the burgundy. I never see the black undergarments on the site here. Nor do I see blue ones. I know both are sold on Amazon. Just maybe harder to keep in stock? I really didn’t think much about durability because I’m mostly satisfied with my purchase. They are a dependable purchase. They do exactly what they claim to do. This last order was the light pink. It’s a relatively new box and already I have had a few where the pad tears away from the undergarment throughout the day much easier than others. I make sure to take an extra pair with me just in case. I’ve been buying these for well over a year & no complaints. But I remember now that I’ve had this issue a few times before and it’s mostly of the light pink. Maybe it’s a distributor of this batch – I don’t know. I gave this a high rating because I love the product. I’ll be reading a few more reviews to see if others have had any similar issues. Plus I’ll be paying more attention to which color I order in the future. I just thought it worth a heads-up to other people that it can happen. The quality is overwhelmingly good though, I’ve been stuck in really bad traffic jams and these things will hold a lot roflol

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  20. Unapologetic Spiritual•Herbal•Mixologist Queen

    Best Postpartum/Period Panties Ever!

    If you’re looking for the best postpartum or period panties for the heavy flow that has the dark blood clots,then look no further! If you make a mistake and position them wrong,they bunch at the crotch and may leak. If you put them on correctly, like a regular panty, they are light weight so you don’t sweat,they hold a full day of blood without spilling, and if worn at night it’s comfortable, no sweating, and no leaks. I must say this a game changer for postpartum and extremely heavy periods. They’re worth ever penny, because you should only need two per day instead of using multiple pads or tampons.

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  21. Sandi

    These are absorbent

    These have complete absorbency, but once my bladder leaked the underwear felt very heavy. They seemed to work for my problem though.

  22. MJL

    INCOMPARABLE. Excellent fit, comfort, and function

    Silhouette fits like comfortable underwear, and is smooth and sleek. The design includes well fitted leg openings that curve gently in and up preventing leaks and unpleasant surprises.


    Great Product for the Price!!

    I have used this product for at least 2 years now and they never fail!!

  24. Surfriderca

    Great value

    I purchased these for my 91 year old mom. She absolutely loved them. Giving her the dignity of wearing an adult “diaty” without compromising her pride. She told me the feel great and she doesn’t feel embarrassed like it’s a diaper. She loves the different colors, with no leakage. Love that it gives her some confidence back.

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  25. Sandy Picc

    Wake up Amazon drivers!

    I love this product, it does its job. I’m getting totally frustrated with the Amazon drivers though. They don’t even ring my apartment buzzer. They just drop the box by the main front door even if it’s raining. I have a bad back and reason I order water too. Can you imagine pushing a case of water from outside the general door with a bad back? Come on Amazon I spend too much money with you to have your drivers do this to me!

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  26. Linda Johnson

    Great product

    After trying many different brands; including online advertising. Nothing works as well as Depends.I wish it was easier to find the multicolored ones

  27. LaTonia Johnson

    Worth Every Penny!

    These are awesome alternatives for leakages! I only wear them at night and it catchings everything! No more washing bed linens everyday!

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  28. RENEE



  29. Kimberly Miller

    Very comfortable bladder security!

    These are very wonderful to wear. Get a size larger if you want looser comfort.

  30. Joanne Hughes

    Just exactly what I wanted

    They fit perfectly

  31. Penny Russell

    As described

    As described

  32. AD Lyman

    It is a good product

    I bought these to be worn during long distance hikes. They are absorbent. They are mostly comfortable but it takes a little of getting used to them. They are not discreet, but better than original Depends. Wear a long shirt to cover the are and you should be good to go!

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  33. Kimbria Mitchell

    Labor & Post Partum

    I used this product during induction, labor and post partum with my newborn. I had this unfortunate habit of puking and accidentally peeing myself during labor; these diapers kept me dry and offered total leak protection. I didn’t have to stress it at all. Once the bleeding started post delivery these diapers were so much more comfortable than hospital undies. This pack came with so many diapers that I could change them regularly without worrying about running out. They are the MVP of my birthing experience 10/10 recommend.

    14 people found this helpful

  34. Delta775

    Best fit for my Wife.

    My spouse likes these over the other brands offered. She does prefer Pink over the black because they don’t show though the clothes she wears. Thank you.Respectfully,Brad GummerePrivate Consultant (Rep)

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  35. Amy Lee Green

    Great absorbency and fit.

    Love the fit and choice of sizes

  36. Melissa

    Perfect for Postpardom

    Women suggested these to me while I was pregnant! Best idea ever!!! Hospital pads/underwear didn’t cut it and left you with leakage and very frequent changes. These were so comfortable just after baby and SO ABSORBENT! These got me through 3-4 weeks of heavy bleeding and didn’t have any leakage at all! Highly recommend to any expecting mother!

    9 people found this helpful

  37. Donna

    My mom will only use this brand

    I love the subscription order

    One person found this helpful

  38. patri


    Very good

  39. willow


    not quite leakproof

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  40. Holly, Snoop & Fuzzy

    Repeatedly Ordered For Years

    These are fairly discreet under clothes, not under PJs, but I don’t wear any full size incontinence undies outside. I like the smoother exterior, they’re softer than the all over elastic other style of Depends which do protect better. The size chart is weird, to me. It’s not about the waist but about the hip size. All manufacturers seem to miss the fact that clothing must fit over hips, not only waist or breast size (dresses, shorts, tops). So I buy both the Medium and Large in Silouetteutt depending upon the day. I’m glad they have made attempts to differentiate between Lge/Extra Lge, tho honestly, I can’t discern the difference.Some days I made need to add a Poise Pad bc these are impossible to change wearing any kind of bottoms. Usually, regardless of how I’m dressed, I use scissors to cut each side for a quick-change. I have tired all different brands, trust me. I find these,as well as other Depends products, to be the overall best choice for this type of “issue”.Note: I’m in late 60’s, fairly certain not Post-Partem, and can’t comment on the efficacy of these for women recovering from delivery.

    13 people found this helpful

  41. Julie O’Brien

    Best I have used!

    Comfortable and absorbent. I feel confident that I am not going to have leaks when I wear these.

    6 people found this helpful

  42. M. J. Johnson

    Not so impressed

    I have been having urological issues for the last few months and have tried several types of incontinence briefs. The sizing on these Depends is very unusual and I have had leakage problems regardless of what size I try. So I am going back to using the TENA brand briefs. Their sizing makes more sense and I never had any issues with leakage around the leg openings when I used them. I wanted to love these Depends. But I don’t.

  43. Amazon fan

    Comfortable and Confident

    Flexible material makes it comfortable and snug, stayed in place, strong when being pulled up yet easy enough to tear to get off when needed. It is the only ones I will use now. No worry of leaking because of fit around leg. I have already bought more.

    11 people found this helpful

  44. malcolm anderson


    Good is no longer needed due to the passing of the person needing them.

  45. Amanda Bush

    No leaks means restored dignity

    These are the only adult diapers that don’t leak. You can find cheaper ones, but they have a hidden cost of needing to change all the bedding when they leak. Silhouettes brand are almost a $1 each but they save in laundry, bed pads, and extra time spent cleaning up leakage off your loved one’s body and bed. Not to mention it saves the person’s skin from too many extra baths in a day. And it saves their body from moving a person around so much to bathe them multiple times or change their clothes and bed several times a day. That really tires out an elderly/sick person’s body. Plus there’s the extra risk of slipping and falling.Silhouettes are also softer on elderly skin which saves the person from getting sores or infections from stiff/scratchy diapers.In my opinion the biggest benefit of Silhouettes is restored DIGNITY. They give your loved one more dignity because they look like underwear instead of bulky diapers. And because they don’t leak, they make my mother feel more dignified and less depressed.If you’re caring for an elderly or ill person, you know the shame and depression they can feel when they think they are responsible for causing a big smelly mess in their bed/chair. No leaks means less work for caregivers AND restored dignity for someone who could feel like a burden or feel ashamed when an accident makes a big mess. Sometimes loved ones can feel drained in their spirits when they can’t control their bodily functions. Sometimes with leaky diapers an old person or sick person might try to hold it in to avoid making a mess. This can cause them pain and also low self esteem. The end of a person’s life shouldn’t be spent worrying about these avoidable problems. If other brands made better diapers, nobody’s loved one would feel shame, humiliation, or depression from leaks.Depends Silhouettes are the only brand we found that fits well on a person between sizes L/XL. A good fit prevents leaks and gives my mother reassurance, peace of mind, and dignity. To me it’s worth a lot to spend more time talking together and much MUCH less time cleaning up messes.

    10 people found this helpful

  46. Miss Magnolia Blossom

    SHHHH! Mama Uses These … But It’s A SECRET!

    My super-vain little Mama uses these, but would have a super conniption fit culminating in a major swoon if she knew I told anyone. We’ve tried lots of different brands, but she says these are the best.

    15 people found this helpful

  47. Victoria Perkins

    Best that I’ve used

    Having had incontinence issues for 10 years, I’ve been trying to find something that works. I like the fit of these. Others feel like I’m wearing a diaper. These have nice colors and fit very comfortably.. I used to have to wear underwear over them to just to make them feel normal. Now I choose to wear the undies to feel cute. 🙂 I’ve never had a perfect leak protection, but this is definitely the closest I’ve come. I usually can wear them all day unless I’m very active. They cost a little more than Depends but worth every penny to me. I usually wear an xl and found the large felt more comfortable. Stay healthy.

    11 people found this helpful

  48. Walter E Freeman Jr

    Make sure this company sends you the correct size.

    I was sent size small, but ordered medium. Make sure you check your size when received. They also have a reverse seem on the sides that is bulky and doesn’t give a smooth look. And the pad is not as absorbent as the old version pad used to be and is itchy.

    6 people found this helpful

  49. Robin

    Wrong color

    Got pink. Wanted black.

  50. Linda M

    Comfort & Confidence

    Extra comfortable and confidence.

  51. Snoopy

    Product Ok—But SHIPPED IN to LARGE a BOX

    Only needed to be places in one box-but used two boxes—making it bulky and difficult to bring in,

    One person found this helpful

  52. Mary R. Bond

    Good, but…

    Several came apart at the side seam as soon as I put them on. Could not use them.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Linda H

    Works Great

    Perfect fit. Very comfortable. More white ones are needed. They are hard to find.

    2 people found this helpful

  54. GeGe Mae

    Last package I received tears too easily on left side. 7 pairs so far have come undone on one seam.

    In continence

    One person found this helpful

  55. Gloria Smith

    Cancel my order for now

  56. Gavin and Alice

    Best period underwear ever!

    They cover you completely front to back, have incredible absorption, so if you’re tired of other period products, give these a try, they are SO comfortable! These are also like ten times better than the cheap Costco Depends products.

    2 people found this helpful

  57. George

    Not the same as the stores pad

    The padding is different than the ones at the groceries stores. The ones at the groceries store are white pads and protect more.

    2 people found this helpful

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About this item 52 count of large (40–52″ waist), pink incontinence underwear—packaging may vary