JN Pit Boss Competition Blend bbq Pellets

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JN Pit Boss Competition Blend bbq Pellets

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36 reviews for JN Pit Boss Competition Blend bbq Pellets

  1. Nathan raleigh

    No that they don’t give u 2 bags. They give u one 40lb bag

    You do not get 2 bags. U only get one 40lb bag

  2. alb1957

    Great wood pellets

    Great price, healthy choice for grilling, makes all meats and veggies their best

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  3. Hoop

    Good smoking

    The pellets work as advertised. Nothing beats brats slow cooked for 8 hours over with these pellets in a traeger grill.

  4. Loren Johnson

    Grat product good price

    I like these pellets and the price was good

  5. Leland Dyer

    Best price I have found.

    Excellent value, and they give great flavor to the meat in my smoker. Will definitely buy again.

  6. LG112

    Burns great

    Good quality.

  7. Chris

    Spot on

    Exactly what was advertised. Superb

  8. Kevin

    Strong creosote flavor

    I’ve used these before and always thought the flavor was coming from my grill needing cleaning. Nope! Cleaned it and still getting strong smell and taste of creosote. Don’t recommend these pellets at all?

  9. Linda

    not as advertized

    I was supposed to get two bags only received one bag.

  10. michael s.

    bags are all torn to hell pellets every where had a mess

    wont buy again bags all ripped pellets everywhere

  11. Michael

    Awkward Shipping

    I originally received a single bag in a box and order was said that it was complete. I then left a 1 star review because it was only one bag. Then a few days later the second bag shows up. I am not sure if that was coincidence or just trying to save face for the review. Either way I’m happy now and am satisfied how the pellets do in my smoker.

  12. Kimberly

    My husband loves these

    Bought these for my husband to go with his new smoker. He is extremely happy with these pellets. Will definitely buy again.

  13. Dennis

    Excellent all round

    I use competition blend to smoke everything virtually no need to change smoke flavors

  14. Amazon Customer

    Great, unless you only get half.

    Good product, shipper packages poorly.I only received 1 bag.

  15. Chris A.

    Great communication

    Great price. Great communication.

  16. Virginia



  17. NavyMan

    As Advertised 2 Bags!!

    Received 2 Bags as advertised within 2 days! A great product! Thx!

  18. RainMan22

    Eactly as described – 2 X 40LB Bags of Pit Boss Competition Blend

    I was nervous of the reviews saying they only received 1 bag. I contacted the seller and they insured me I would receive 2 X 40LB bags. And Indeed I DID receive 2 X 40LB bags of Pit Boss ‘Competition Blend’ pellets in original packaging – exactly as described. Good product & great price!Thanks!

  19. Liz

    Great product and a fair price

    Honestly just below what I can get it at locally, they’re great pellets.There was a miscommunication as far as shipping said it was delivered to the wrong address but showed up on time and in the right place… Not sure that had anything to do with the seller though so still 5 star*

  20. Tom

    I only received one bag not two?

    I ordered two bags and only one showed up at my door.

  21. Ctete

    Gives extra flavor to your meat

    We do a lot of grilling and this is a large quantity for the value and gives great flavoring to your food

  22. Kindle Customer

    clean burning, nice fragrance

    burns complete, little ash. flavor nice in mild meats. burns hot to sear steaks, etc.

  23. Olon Wafer

    Better than expected!

    I got both bags as advertised. The pellets had very little dust that I have seen with other brands. The smoke flavor was great and had less ash for clean up. I really liked the results and will buy again. I use a Z grill and my neighbors are always asking what I’m smoking next. That feels good to share good food smoked with that campfire taste!

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  24. agamemnon

    both bags arrived fast!

    shipping estimate blown away four days early! and for those who are doubting, yes, both bags delivered, so excellent bargain if they provide a good quality smoke, as others have said.

  25. Marty

    Shippers made this a bo do again!

    Bags torn open and too much dust from being handled wrong. Pretty disappointed value not good due to this

  26. Markus Burger

    Two bags arrived 48 hours after I ordered them.

    I bought a Louisiana Grill at Costco and needed Pellets. Pit Boss is apparently the parent company of Louisiana Grill.They are great Pellets. I got two 40 lbs bags. All good!

  27. Brandon

    Only received 1 bag. Contacted seller, but never got a response.

    Only received 1 bag. Contacted seller multiple times, but never got a response. The app says that the signature used to sign for the product delivery was a “signature on file”…Ultimately I only got half of what I paid for.

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  28. Jonathan R.

    DO NOT Purchase from High Quality Standard

    I ordered this from High Quality Standard and only received the one 40 pound bag so I did not receive the two as advertised. This is FALSE ADVERTISING and I do not recommend purchasing from High Quality Standard.

  29. Jamie Bartell

    Only recieved 1 bag

    Wish I would have read the reviews! I only received one bag as well and was dismissed when I reached out and then ignored

  30. Chad D. Smith

    Avoid, to many crumbles in both bags

    Broken pellets and crumbles, so many i had to vacuum about 39 lbs out of grill, opened the other bag and just threw it away. Same thing.

  31. David sommay

    Do not buy.

    This product suck. You don’t get your money worth. Half the bag is saw dust. Will not by again.

  32. Susan Garson

    It says 2 bags, I only got one!

    The product is great. Too bad the ad is misleading.

  33. John Normand

    Not 2 pack as advertised!!

    This item is listed as a 2 pack. I only recieved one bag.

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  34. Shawn I.

    Not a 2 pack!

    It’s a single 40lb bag, false advertising!!

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  35. SJChinn

    Great Product but Found Cheaper Locally

    I like these Pit Boss Grilling Pellets but realized the price is not competitive with my local Wal store. I guess if you really want to buy here go for it but also check your local stores too. They usually have the same 40# bags for a lot less cost. Amazon sellers take note!

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  36. KC48

    Pretty good

    I prefer just hickory but the price and availability makes this a great 2nd. Not an overabundance of ash. Shipping has been good not much crushing in the last two shipments from Walmart.

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