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17 watt mug warmer for use with coffee, tea, hot cocoa & more Easy to tote and take anywhere Surface easily wipes clean On/off switch with indicator light Longer power cord for increased mobility. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for the User Manual

Product Description

Meet your new favorite coffee accessory: the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer. Place your favorite cup of joe, tea, or cocoa on the plate, and it’ll keep it nice and hot for hours—so you can enjoy it at your leisure. It features a convenient on/off switch with an indicator light, and an extended power cord so you can use it just about anywhere.

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4.2 out of 5 stars

51,457 ratings
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4.2 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#19 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #1 in Tea & Espresso Beverage Warmers

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Date First Available

October 2, 2001

10 reviews for Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Coffee and Tea, Portable Cup Warmer for Travel, Office Desks, and Home, Black: Beverage Warmers: Home & KitchenLive viewers eye icon


    Yes, I put a cover on my cup to keep heat in- from amazon. Yes, the paint came off by itself during heating up..BUT OVERALL THIS BAD BOY KEEPS THE HEAT ON TILL THE LAST DROP…I would do away with the hot plate paint and keep it original-the heat on the plate is what matters. IT DELIVERS! I would make this product white or silver with keeping the hot plate original color to keep it to match and add a silicone topper for mugs…lol..just a thought for Mr. Coffee manufacturer…

  2. Rachel

    I am absolutely horrible at getting caught up in doing something and forgetting about my cup of magic bean juice, this makes keeping my coffee from getting cold and it stays at a nice drinkable temperature. It isn’t scolding or hot enough to burn your tongue, but it’s just hot enough to drink and get that jump that is needed for the day – or night. I wouldn’t advise this product to be around small children that love to grab at new things or around pets that love to knock things over or get into things that they really shouldn’t be in or messing with. One of my cats has attempted to lay on it before I stopped her. So keep an eye on your pets and children that may have yet to grasp the knowhow of hot and cold. The cord is rather long, it is one feature I was surprised it had so the length of the cord is also quite convenient. Definitely shut this off when you’re done with it!

  3. Deebee2

    I ordered this item to take on cruises with me because I love coffee. I ordered it when I was thinking of it, so I would have it for the two cruises I was going on. It didn’t work. I noticed a little nick in the surface of the warmer. I believe it was a returned item or it was defective. By the time I used it, it was past the return date after I got home from cruise. So I don’t know how the item works cause this one never got warm enough to heat my coffee. The idea was good, but sad it didn’t work out.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this mug warmer almost 7 years ago, 12/15/2015, and it is still working great! It was $7.99 and cost me $8.63 after tax. If this one finally quits, I won’t hesitate to buy another.The color on the heating pad did scratch off quickly, but it doesn’t impact its performance at all.I’ve accidently left this on multiple times and there has never been any damage caused. I’ve left it with a mug sitting on it and without a mug. I have even left it over a 4 day weekend. The sip of coffee that was left in the mug did burn to the bottom of the mug, but that’s no fault of the warmer, just my ADHD focusing on the tasks of the weekend instead of what I should be doing.I usually get a fresh hot cup of coffee and sip it until it’s at a comfortable drinking temperature. Once it hits that perfect temperature I put it on the warmer and turn it on. It keeps it almost perfectly at the temperature I like.Overall a great little warmer.

  5. Sue P. Cundiff

    Less trips to the micro wave during my busy work day. I have a warm cup of coffee until I drink it all.. Don’t have to stop in the middle of working to go warm up my coffee as I drink it almost all day.

  6. LEW

    I work from home and keeping a warm cup of bliss is a must. I ordered this back in 2014 and three years later it is still a worthy purchase and one that has made life a little bit sweeter.BASICSSo it’s not the prettiest thing ever. Black, kinda shiny plastic with a cord that is about 65 inches. On/Off switch is pretty basic and while the indicator light isn’t that bright and I can’t always tell if it’s on or off (what’s the point then), it is easy to see as it is located on the top.WHAT FITS ON ITI measure the “seat” for mugs to be about 3 3/8″.Yes, it fits Starbucks “You Are Here” Collectors mugs. Yes, you can use mugs that DO NOT have a flat bottom and in my experience it heats up great. I have never felt the need for a flat bottom mug or even a cover for my mug to keep the heat in as the warmer does a great job at that.No, it does not easily fit Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles, although they can still sit on top of the lip and heat up. I’ve done this before and despite the space between the candle and the seat of the warmer, the wax will liquify. The only issue with these types of warmers and large candles is that they will heat from the bottom-up, so you will not smell your candle until it is almost completely liquid. By then it’s been hours and me-time is over and done. Not to mention that doing so will mean your wicks will have fallen into the hot liquid wax so don’t plan on ever using those later! If you’re looking for a more practical candle warmer, try one that heats from the top down so you can get your much needed aromatherapy on quickly. I’ve purchased the 

    Candle Warmers Etc. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp, Bronze

     which worked really well and fit the 4″ bottom of the 3-Wick Candles, although at the time of writing this it is currently unavailable.HEATING CAPABILITYI have had great experience with the heat from my Mr. Coffee warmer. It literally brings back a cold cup of joe to really warm temperatures. I once left it on all day (lol my bad) with hot cocoa and when I came back it looked as if the liquid had all been baked off and I was left with gross dry cocoa crust. Yum?I also went ahead to do you all a solid and got out my handy dandy EtekCity infrared thermometer gun and did some temperature measuring. After a while of having an empty mug on the heater, the bottom of the mug 145ºF and the warmer’s base was 250ºF. I have no idea how that helps but there it is! All I can say is that it does the job of keeping my drinks nice and hot. :)COMPARISONThe only warmer I have to compare this to is 

    HEYANG Electric Coffee Mug Warmer and Beverage Warmer Waterproof Glass Panel Electric Heater Plate with 63 Inches Long Cord Great for Office Home

    . Great listing name. I got this as a Christmas gift this last year because I wanted a mug warmer that looked pretty enough to be out in the open like in the living room where people will see it. On/Off indicator light is on the side, which is okay I guess. (God forbid if I have to lean over a little to see if it’s On.) Loved that it was completely flat and had no lip, but reviews said it was best used with flat bottom mugs. WHO HAS FLAT BOTTOM MUGS? I thought maybe they were just being picky. After all, people say that about Mr. Coffee but I totally disagree as it heats all my mugs just fine. But unfortunately I have to agree with the reviews for “HEYANG Electric Coffee Mug Warmer and Beverage Warmer Waterproof Glass Panel Electric Heater Plate with 63 Inches Long Cord Great for Office Home” and say that it’s heating capability for my standard non-flat-bottom mugs isn’t that great and I’m a little disappointed.If you find a pretty one that works like Mr. Coffee does, please tell me in a comment!

  7. Dan Rogers

    There is a problem cited throughout these reviews that since the mug warmer is not a hot plate, and doesn’t reach higher temperatures, it can only help keep a mug warm. It cannot make hot a cup of coffee or tea from a cold start. I wondered about this, and tried it out, and yes, it is a problem. But there is a simple solution, cost about 10 cents, using a solution from physics and proven on long hikes. I tried it, and it works better than expected here as well. I can take a cup of water from a cold start to being just the right temperature for sipping, not quite steaming, but hot!Here’s the physics: there are several types of heat, the most important in this case being radiant heat. Radiant heat is called radiant heat because it travels in rays. In this case, it comes up from the surface of the warmer, and yes, there is some other types of warming going on, but most of what seems to be happening to the liquid is that the radiant heat is traveling through it, and then dissipating into space. The cup loses other forms of heat too, but by just solving the radiant heat loss problem, you will have solved the entire problem of your warmer not being able to warm full cups of coffee or tea, or make cool water warm to start with for dissolving the tea or coffee in it. (I even use loose tea with this solution, and it works fine; it gets hot enough that it does not have to be a mix.)So what do you do to overcome radiant heat loss? A burner would just apply more heat. But if you wanted a hot stove in your office you’d buy a burner, for about 5x the cost of this, and then run the risk of injury in tight quarters. In this case, apply a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier can be fancy or expensive, but you can fashion a very serviceable and even decent looking one with practice out of about a foot of aluminum foil.Anyone who has been camping or tried to travel light while distance hiking knows that you can make a light pot cozy of aluminum foil that serves as a shield against win. The surprising thing is that this simple material we are used to using for wrapping pot roast has the amazing property as applied of cutting your need for fuel dramatically on the way to boiling water.So applied to the mug warmer, fill your mug, put it on, then by folding the aluminum foil a few times to a) stiffen it up, and b) fit around the cup, make a loose fitting wrap that sits just outside the mug, not too tight since you want to re-use it many times. Then apply a paperclip, preferably a small binder clip to joining the foil. Of course you can use other things as well. This way it lifts right off, and can be put right down.Of course, just going around the outside of the mug, the most important area is left open. So fold and refold a second piece of aluminum foil into a stiff square that rests on top of the lip of your mug. Actually this part alone is often sufficient to keep your coffee far hotter than the burner alone, and will work to heat up cool coffee. The additional loose wrap around part just makes it that more efficient.This really worked well for me, to the point I am very pleased, and don’t have to run down to the microwave to re-heat my coffee or tea, but can do it from scratch, right on the cup warmer.I like the truly functional aspect of it, that I made it myself for ten cents, and can show a little creativity in sculpting it into something that looks alright, plus it recalls some good hikes . . . But if this is too man cave for you, there are pot cozies you can buy on amazon. Just make sure that they have a radiant barrier in them, or put some foil inside them too, tho no one will see it. That way, you keep recapturing radiant heat, and this is probably 90% of the battle. This way, by turning the radiant heat back on the cup, and back again, again and again, you multiply its effect pretty dramatically.IF this proves helpful, or you think it may, please give it the thumbs up. I’d like to see it rise as a helpful review so it can help solve what so many people have complained of.

  8. Jacqualyn Tin

    This little Gizmo really works well. Today was my first day using it.Everyone who already has said this is correct, the black paint on the metal warming plate rubs off easily and instantly.It’s like they used a paint that would be for lottery tickets scratch offs :/ so definitely Mr.Coffee need to correct this design flaw.Also, you need to remember to turn it off because this would totally be a fire hazard.However, paint aside, it works well!!It does not need a flat bottom to work. I tried several types of cups/mugs. If it fits, it warms.I also warmed one of those hand soups on this bad boy. After about 4.5 hours of sitting there with the top covered, I had nice warm soup ;)Overall I am pleased.

  9. Landen

    For about 5 years now I haven’t used coffee mugs because my coffee gets cold too fast. This keeps my coffee warm or tea. It does take a bit to warm up but I did use this last night to take my cold tea back to warm.

  10. Ally

    I expected to be able to keep my coffee lukewarm. This kept it HOT. I use a ceramic mug with a lid and I think the lid makes all the difference. The paint does scratch from the hotplate easily but I don’t personally mind. It does the job it was intended for. Note, I haven’t had it long so I don’t know how long it will last.

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17 watt mug warmer for use with coffee, tea, hot cocoa & more Easy to tote and take anywhere Surface easily wipes clean On/off switch with indicator light Longer power cord for increased mobility. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for the User Manual