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About this item Hypoallergenic with aloe Fragrance Free Quilted soft 99% Water & Plant Based Ingredients No animal testing Enriched/Infused with Aloe & Vitamin E to help moisturize pH balanced Pediatrician Approved Sustainable Palm Oil Compliant Free from harsh chemicals, alcohol, oils, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde preservatives, and phthalates

Parent’s Choice Unscented Baby Wipes

Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes are suitable for sensitive skin as they are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. These plant based wet wipes contain 99% water ingredients and help promote well balanced pH levels. These soft wipes are super gentle and made to provide your baby with a superior clean feel. Perfect for moms that need to clean up messes quickly and conveniently. They are also great for makeup removal. Give your baby the gentle clean it deserves with Parent’s Choice Fragrance Free Baby Wipes. Since 1998, Walmart’s Parent’s Choice has been trusted by parents across the country to provide quality, affordable baby products. We offer a wide range of products including diapers, wipes, toiletries, baby food, formula and baby feeding products. With a quality guarantee to back up all its baby, toddler, infant and newborn products, Parent’s Choice takes care of your little one’s needs for less.

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Parent's Choice

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59 reviews for Parent’s Choice Unscented Baby Wipes

  1. Amanda Austin

    Baby bottom safe

    I could’ve gotten this directly at Walmart for way cheaper, but it was clutch when I ran out of wipes for my baby!

  2. Lina

    The best of the bunch so far

    Not slippery when using, not too thin

  3. Brianna Shaugobay.

    Price softness & $$$$

    The whole family uses then for several reasons, most importantly, the little one & take some in a bag for travels.

  4. Melissa Ramsey


    Unscented and very good quality.

  5. John K. Lindsey

    Good. Product

    Good. Product

  6. Emily Rowling

    They work great!

    They are soft and durable. I have 3 kids and always usee this brand. Its nice to get them delivered to my door!

  7. Brittany

    Good product

    Good but found same amount for cheaper elsewhere

  8. Cassandra Swensen

    Safe for super sensitive butts

    My two littles (11mo f) (2 yo f) have the most sensitive areas I’ve ever seen. These are the only wipes that don’t cause chemical burns (although Pampers tells me that chemical burns aren’t possible bc blah blah, but tell that to my babies who legit had burns on their lady bits and confirmed by a pediatrician).They don’t smell, they wipe poop well enough that they don’t rip and it ends up all over my hands etc

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  9. Brogan Veysey


    I only received a little over half of what I was supposed to. However they made it right and gave me a refund in the amount it would cost for what I was shorted.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Jay Bee

    Useful for dozens of needs.

    I like that these wipes are strong, soft, moist, and just the right size for whatever use one needs them for. I have purchased them, 100 to a box, approximately once a year, for the past eight years. The only complaint I have is that the manufacturer decides to change the packaging on occasion from yellow, to purple, and now to green. Takes a while to confirm I am getting the product I have been using. No negatives that I find with this product.

    One person found this helpful

  11. Justin


    wet and packaged correctly,

  12. LR

    Can buy cheaper at Walmart

    After trying several kinds of wipes I liked the parents choice ones that someone bought me the best. I bought these thinking they were a great price and realized after they are walmart brand and slightly cheaper there. Also I think the ones bought for me were actually the soothing aloe ones and I liked them better. I still like these wipes better than huggies, pampers, or others ones I tried. They are durable and just the right size so you dont feel bad when it takes several to get the job done.

    2 people found this helpful

  13. Child of the KING


    I like the size and they stay moist in the package longer that others I’ve used.

  14. cannon

    $10.00 cheaper direct from Walmart now I know!

    Rest room.. usage sensitive skin unsure i cant answer to that, softness it’s ok felt softer,no sent.

  15. Ford man

    Not happy with this product,

    To get the paper tab underneath the plastic cap off is a job. I ripped two containers wide open trying to pull it out also when you take a wet one out? it pulls two or three of them out at a time instead of just one, I think they didn’t put enough packaging around the wipes so there is No room to move without grabbing a whole bunch of them?

  16. Malachi

    Only received 1 box

    I only got one box but was refunded for the other. They work great.

  17. Pjlaw

    Not great but works

    Not great but works, I had expected it to be softer but it does the job

  18. Jocelyn

    Great for the money

    These wipes are not stretchy, which is awesome. Nothing sucks as much as trying to wipe 💩 off with a stretchy wipe. These are strong enough, good on baby’s skin, and super affordable. Plus they are in 100-wipe packages, which I like for some reason.

  19. Eric

    These are the refill type of soft pack.

    These wipes have a soft pack and a plastic flap with adhesive to close the pack. I prefer to use the kind with a plastic lid that closes easily. With this style, the flap usually rips and the pack can lose moisture before the wipes are used up. This pack would be good foe a hard shell refill case rather than a standalone pack of wipes.

  20. Shanaya Caul

    The only wipes I use

    It’s the closest to Huggies diapers I love them and it comes in a great size that way I don’t have to keep on buying

  21. Klara Young

    Perfect for a thorough clean, even for adults

    I buy these for my elderly mother to help her do a more thorough job with less effort on the toilet. These are her favorite kind and she complains if I cannot get them. Please don’t change the formula, it’s perfect!

  22. Danibear


    Great find for a new mom. They stay moist even if dad forgot to close them and I haven’t found a better value for the amount of wipes you get. Don’t let the price leave you thinking about quality, these are great even on my son’s sensitive skin.

  23. Shinjiu

    great wipes for adults also

    I as an older adult use this wipe for hygenic purposes. Strong enough, not too soft, doesn’t tear into pieces. Better for my personal uses than the baby wipes I was usually buying. Good product and relatively affordable.

  24. Hmmm

    Soft, thick & no fragrance

    A great value for the cost and quality. The wipes are very soft, thick, have no annoying fragrance and come in a package with a pop up lid.Liked these so much I ordered a case!

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  25. Miriam A.

    Good value for the price

    These are a good value for the price but not as strong as other brands, otherwise I’m satisfied with my purchase

  26. Yvonne

    Happy Baby

    I like that the diapers are absorbent and keeps the baby dry with no leakage. I’m pleased with the product overall. So is baby!

  27. sandi

    They are awesome

    I love these wipes. They are wonderful

  28. Miranda Shain

    Just… Ugh… Yes…. Perfect!

    So worth the money! I use way less wipes than I used to, they make my son much cleaner, they are very soft, he feels clean, one pack last me over a week with a 5 month old. Will be reordering consistently!

  29. Pamela H.

    Buy local buy USA

    I have really invested my precious time in researching wipes made in the USA and with ingredients, so in the search I found the vast majority saying they are designed in the USA (but, they also have employees in the USA) but made with products from China (quite damage the world) and made in China so this product is fabulous buy local.

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  30. Alexandra Scola


    The wipes were so dry we had to add water. We bought the same brand at walmart once and they were fine, but we bought this huge package off Amazon so that we didn’t have to drive somewhere, considered it much more convenient with Prime Delivery. And they turned out pretty bad. We’ve made it work because we don’t have the extra money to just throw away on more wipes, but will be purchasing pampers sensitive moving forward 🙂

  31. Linzy Marie Strelow

    Have been using this brand for awhile. I like it better then other brands.

    Very good for sensitive sink

  32. Regina T Nelson

    Baby Wipes

    Excellent Product but Walmart seems to run cheaper

  33. Anne S

    I purchase here when walmart runs out

    I love these. I have very sensitive skin. I can’t use heavily scented wipes or I will get irritation and breakouts. These are a great value for price and amount. They are hypoallergenic and plant based. I like that they are soft yet firm without over doing it. These work great for me. I decided to purchase these because they were sold out at walmart.

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  34. RUNNER

    Can be used for more than baby wipes.

    I bought them and put 70% alcohol on them to wipe down surfaces and wipe my hand when I touched anything unfamiliar due to the COVID virus. It is a lot less expensive than the disinfectant wipes. I wipe my iPhone and anything that is packaged in the store with them. It does the trick for me. Also make great facial wipes.

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  35. Mrs Grant


    Great for sensitive skin! Best!!!

  36. Melody

    Great Product!

    I have very sensitive skin so I chose to get baby wipes to protect my skin from becoming irritated,ichy and red. I haven’t found this good of a product anywhere. I definitely would recommend this brand to anyone who asks. My sister now uses it with her kids and it works wonders. Worth the money!!

    One person found this helpful

  37. Medina Mann


    Wipes are a good thick quality, I only wish they were a little bit more soft and moist. They feel slightly more dry than some of the other wipes I’ve purchased. Overall it’s a decent buy for the price.

    3 people found this helpful

  38. Laura Steiger

    It is a great product to use for cleaning.

    I use it to clean up an adult with incontinence prob

  39. lawrence p.


    we got our stuff

  40. Patrice Mutschler

    Parents Choice baby wipes

    Have used these for your years on my disabled daughter. Cleans very well. I use the unscented.

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  41. TiGar

    Good for babies; can be hard to get a wipe out if it’s disconnected from the last one.

    Good for babies; can be hard to get a wipe out if it’s disconnected from the last one.

  42. Chris

    Much Needed

    Needed some more wipes for my daughter. These came highly recommended

  43. Amazon Customer

    My favorite wipe…of ALL time

    These truly are the BEST wipes on the market as of 2022. They are thick, they don’t break me out and the price can’t be beat. I have tried several wipes and these are just as thick as Huggies and are a larger wipe. I have not found one that compares to quality, quantity or price. Hands down the best! Your welcome : )

    One person found this helpful

  44. Debbie C

    Wonderful wipes!

    These may be “baby wipes”, but I buy them for me…a mature adult. They are definitely unscented, which is exactly what I wanted…I don’t need to smell like baby powder. Very soft, very most, very durable…doesn’t rip or shred into pieces. I love them & don’t foresee not having them on hand!

    2 people found this helpful

  45. jdwok

    Excellent Product

    I like the fact that these wipes are quilted. They are stronger than any others I’ve used, without losing their softness.

  46. Cynthia gaskins

    Great to have around

    Good for soft skin and it is what I need.

    One person found this helpful

  47. amazonbuyer

    Great for anyone!

    This product is not only for babies, anyone can use it!! My mom is a senior citizen and uses them all the time. They are so gentle and keep her really clean.

  48. Jessica byrd

    Really good.

    I really like these wipes, as my son is sensitive to a lot of wipes and since these are fragrance free they help so much and don’t irritate him. Also I want to point out that I had bought these and they never made it to my house but was marked delivered… so I contacted them and they resent me a new box! I am so thankful and forever grateful for them! Amazing customer service!!

  49. Skylar Klemme

    My favorite baby wipes to use!

    This brand and scent are my favorite. They don’t fall apart like so many others do and they never irritate my skin or the family members that use them as well. Even though there is no tracking they sent the product just as fast as a prime delivery.

  50. Maria Batista

    This wipes are so good..

    Me encantan estas toallitas,toallas, tan buenas o mejor que las marcas caras. Y los precios son mucho mejor. Yo las uso para todo todos los dias y mi hijo y mi esposo también las usan.

  51. Deb

    Best handiwipes

    I have bought these baby wipes repeatedly. They work the best for my needs. I keep a pack in my car and purse, on my bedside table, and in my bathroom. I can’t live without them in these covid days.

    One person found this helpful

  52. Gerardo Baldereas


    I like the product a Lot

  53. Carolyn Moye

    Great for everyday or anytime

    Very great buy

  54. Sandi

    Same Great Product As Found in Wal-Mart!

    When the COVID-19 pandemic started, it was so hard to get these from Wal-Mart that I began looking online. Boy were we thrilled to find this large box! It’s been a life-saver since we have 2 boys in diapers! It’s the same packages in a big box. And the price was a deal too!

    4 people found this helpful

  55. Roy M.

    Better late then never

    Our package did arrive.Thank You.

  56. lori


    These are amazing wipes. We use them alot even on our dog, Coco. He is allergic to grass and we have to clean off his paws every time he comes in. These are soft/strong/ no smell and doesn’t break us out. Will buy again

    One person found this helpful

  57. A. Lyhne Grace

    Most useful wipe product.

    I strated buying these when my grandbaby was an infant she is three now. I love them for wiping her face, hands, boo-boos, nose and bottom, everything lol. They are the perfect thickness.

  58. Sharece

    Fast delivery

    I love this brand I usually go get it from Walmart but I decided to order it from here for the same price and it was delivered the next day .

  59. Nohelani

    It’ll do.

    Absolutely nothing like pampers or huggies but it works. Smells a little funny but doesn’t stink, and it tears apart easily. My baby responded well to the wipes, but I didn’t like how sometimes it is difficult to get a wipe out of package, then it just ripped in half.

    2 people found this helpful

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About this item Hypoallergenic with aloe Fragrance Free Quilted soft 99% Water & Plant Based Ingredients No animal testing Enriched/Infused with Aloe & Vitamin E to help moisturize pH balanced Pediatrician Approved Sustainable Palm Oil Compliant Free from harsh chemicals, alcohol, oils, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde preservatives, and phthalates