Pencils Pre-sharpened HB Lead Box for Office

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150 wood case #2 HB pencils made from high-quality wood come presharpened Strong medium-soft lead produces long-lasting, smooth, readable strokes Rounded hexagonal shape with satin-smooth finish for a secure, comfortable grip Soft, smudge-free, latex-free eraser secured to the end for conveniently wiping away mistakes

Pencils Pre-sharpened HB Lead Box for Office


Pencils Pre-sharpened HB Lead Box for Office . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 150 wood case #2 HB pencils made from high-quality wood come presharpened Strong medium-soft lead produces long-lasting, smooth, readable strokes Rounded hexagonal shape with satin-smooth finish for a secure, comfortable grip Soft, smudge-free, latex-free eraser secured to the end for conveniently wiping away mistakes



‎Amazon Basics


‎Amazon Basics

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‎1.94 pounds

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‎7.4 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches

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‎150 Count (Pack of 1)

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4.8 out of 5 stars

78,228 ratings
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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#53 in Office Products (See Top 100 in Office Products) #1 in Woodcase Lead Pencils

Date First Available

August 31, 2017

60 reviews for Pencils Pre-sharpened HB Lead Box for Office

  1. Michelle Wightman


    Us parents need to unite and help our teachers out they need supplies. Children mysteriously lose items faster than a cat sheds… they need our help we need to come together as parents and understand that they are doing the job that we do not want to do because if we wanted to do it we would homeschool our kids! A supply list is given out every year please take that and at least double the supplies requested so the teachers are not forced to use money out of their own pockets to replace items that our children lose or misplaced or forget about and the janitor throws that forgotten item away.. teachers are the backbones to parents never forget that! And never forget that before the pandemic teachers were begging for a livable wage they are severely underpaid and should not be made to pay for school supplies for our children!

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  2. Emile Cardali

    Great pencils branded with Amazon

    I ordered these pencils to donate to the local school since they were running low on supplies. The pencils were a great price and showed up quickly. I liked the Amazon name on the No. 2 pencils, it gave it kind of a cool look! The school was very excited to receive the pencils and handed them out to the children that needed them! Thank you Amazon and we will be ordering more.

  3. Nancy

    Perfect for the classroom!

    I have historically purchased these pencils for my classroom as they come pre-sharpened and I don’t have to waste precious time sharpening pencils, when I could be planning, or doing a thousand other things. These last a long time and are not fragile or old like seasonal school pencils can sometimes be, which have fragile lead and break constantly and don’t last. These have never had that issue for me, they have been consistently perfect. My ONE complaint, and it is just me, my students find the erasers delicious and tend to chew them off…if there were something to make these less tasty, that would be great! I will say, good luck getting 6 year old’s to keep stuff out of their mouths, they are like teething toddlers with these pencils. Overall, highly recommend for educators looking to budget their time with more productive activities rather than sharpen pencils.

    9 people found this helpful

  4. KC

    Your basic pencil.

    I love how many you get for the value. I rated it five stars but I gave the longevity four stars because the erasers break off so easy.

  5. Tomi

    Great price for a quality, basic pencil

    At the end of the school year, I always buy a pack of pencils to replenish my depleted stock. (I teach 7th and 8th grade English). Last year, I bought 144 golf pencils for about $8. It was a great investment, because a lot of times, I have kids who ALWAYS forget a pencil. They aren’t the ones who necessarily need a pencil, because more often than not, they would lose the pencil again before they made a mistake. However, despite having 144 of them, I ran out in late April, with about two months still left in the school year. I will buy another pack of those golf pencils for the students who perpetually borrow a pencil, but I quickly learned that every so often, I had a student who really needed a pencil, but wasn’t someone who made a habit of bringing nothing to class. Likewise, these were students were the ones who didn’t need it for a few periods, but truly needed a new pencil for them to keep for weeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any “real” pencils, and when I saw these AmazonBasic pencils on sale (96 for about $6 – regularly they’re less than $8), I knew I needed these as well.I’m actually really picky about my own personal pencils. I have a favorite brand, and I have a favorite brand of erasers to put on them. Nevertheless, I was really excited to try out these pencils because although they didn’t have the price tag of a Dixon-Ticonderoga, they still worked really well.QUALITY:These are just your every day, basic pencils, but that’s how I like mine. I hate pencils with that plastic film with a design printed on them. With “cute” pencils, you aren’t paying for the pencil, you’re paying for whatever logo is on it (like Frozen or Star Wars). When you sharpen those ones for the first time, the film splits and then the cute design ends up peeling off. However, these AmazonBasics pencils were easy to sharpen, and they were nice to write with. Sometimes, pencils are prone to have the graphite split so there is a strange press on the paper, resulting in “double” writing. I wrote for a bit with the pencil and even as it dulled, it still wrote nicely. You can note a small letter I wrote to test it; it is the third image.ERASER:Another thing I hate about cheap pencils is the garbage erasers. As a teacher, I write most things in pen, but I always do my grade book in pencil. If a student turns in something late, I need to erase the previous grade to change it, and I can’t stand having left over marks from a bad eraser. Now, as I mentioned, I have one specific brand of erasers which are honestly God’s gift to humanity, and I always slap one of those bad boys on my pencils, but this really wasn’t bad as far as erasers go. I mean, it was still obvious that I made a mistake, but I also press into the paper like I’m trying to cut a hole into the table underneath. I write DARK. I have many students who press lightly. As well, if I were drawing, I would draw lighter. In the third picture attached to this review, there are two instances of erasing. The first is over “film” in fourth line in the first paragraph. The other is the second paragraph, titled “Eraser test.” As I mentioned, I write so dark that it’s difficult to erase to the point where it doesn’t appear that there was a mistake at all, but I also think your average person wouldn’t mind. I can clearly make out what is written over the erased bits, and no annoying parts of the eraser were left behind (like a giant pink smudge… Ugh, I hate that the most).SMUDGE TEST:Speaking of smudges, I don’t frequently smudge my pencil work because I’m right handed. However, I have left handed students who turn in work that is barely legible because they drag their hand throughout their writing constantly. Thinking of them, I wanted to test out how badly the graphite smudged on a hand. The results are the fourth picture. Now, this wasn’t just me carefully dragging my hand over the paper; I really pressed, TRYING to smudge the words. And yeah, I did smudge it a bit, and yeah, I did get some graphite on my hand. However, this is NOTHING compared to some of the other pencils I’ve seen. As you can see from my hand, it was minor, considering I was literally pressing hard on the paper, trying to get the graphite on my hand.OVERALL:The bottom line is that a 12 pack of any type of pencils can go for over $2. In fact, a lot of times the “cute” pencils are the most expensive, but they’re the worst as far as quality. If looks aren’t a thing you care about, but do care about quality, these are the best deal. A 96 pack of Ticonderoga pencils can range from $14-$20 (depending on packaging and color and where you’re buying them). I always use Ticonderogas as the standard for the perfect pencil because I used them throughout my childhood; my mother was literally born in Ticonderoga, NY. However, the AmazonBasics are the best bang for your buck. Are they cute? Is your kid going to be inspired by the cool Frozen or Star Wars logo? No. Because this is a standard, BASIC pencil. They’re just yellow. But to be honest, those “cool looking” pencils always lack quality compared to something like this. The simplicity is what makes these pencils so great; they’re just pencils. They know their function, and they get the job done. These are definitely going to be my “good” pencils from now on, especially to give out to kids who really are responsible with their supplies.

    533 people found this helpful

  6. J. Wilmot

    Homeschoolers who seem to eat through pencils

    I purchased these a few weeks ago. We homeschool and seem to go through pencils like water. I tried mechanical pencils, however they disappeared to quickly to be economical. We school on the go enough that I think they just drop or not pick them up. These pencils do a good job. We’ve had no real breakage issues with the lead or pencils themselves. As they come pre-sharpened we were able to dump them in the pencil box immediately and not have to stand around sharpening them all. Great value for us so far.

    6 people found this helpful

  7. Paul Kopec

    Nice pencils for the price.

    They seemed to be a bit harder with the lead than a #2 pencil.

  8. Yolanda Singleton

    Great buy

    Great value for the money. My students love them!

  9. Shell Lillian

    These are pencils

    They are just regular pencils. Perfectly acceptable.

  10. Elizabeth Richardson


    I attend college and the pencils hold up well. Thank you.

  11. joe mottsizz

    very goodzizz…the werk nice

    very goodzizz

  12. Derek Musselman

    Decent pencils for the price

    These are decent pencils for everyday use. Even with this many, your family will somehow lose them all in an absurdly short amount of time. I’m guessing they are all under the driver’s seat of my wife’s car or lost behind the couch.

    3 people found this helpful

  13. Manuel J. Hernández Boudet

    Good price

    Good ol’ pencils to write tons of stories

  14. patrick kennedy-grisham

    So far I like them

    So far I like the pencil I have in use. Yes, you’re right, it’s just a pencil, but plenty I’ve bought have the lead inside broken so badly you just sharpen what would be a brand new pencil down to the numb. Anyways, I found the product and cost appropriate. Hope this helps 🙂

    2 people found this helpful

  15. Brandon Smith

    Good Pencils

    They’re pencils. What more can I say. Make great shop pencils for woodworking.

  16. Katie M

    Easy to sharpen- don’t break easily

    As a teacher, I have pencil opinions. These are great and the fact that they come sharpened is a lifesaver. They don’t break easily and the erasers work well too.

    2 people found this helpful

  17. G

    Pre-sharpened Pencils= Teacher Dream

    Love the cost for this bundle. While they aren’t Ticonderoga, the hold up reasonably well and sharpen like champs.

    One person found this helpful

  18. Patricia Oshier

    Teachers Delight

    Have you ever taught in a classroom where it seems not one single kid has brought their own pencils? I have… almost daily. And the pain of trying to sharpen a dozen pencils to just do a math worksheet!?!?!?!? UGH!!!!! These come presharpened so take that little annoyance out of the equation. Pow! Problem solved. They seem to sharpen nicely as well and the eraser works like a charm.

    3 people found this helpful

  19. Rima C.

    Great buy

    Great buy my kids teacher is so happy and the kids said they write better than the ones the school gave them lol getting 3 more boxes cuz u can never have enough pencils in a classroom

  20. David Markwith

    Great Deal!

    These pe-sharpened pencils are a life saver in my classroom! I recently bought 4 boxes because the price is great. 10/10 recommend!

    One person found this helpful

  21. Ken

    How VERY handy to stock

    Bought these for the woodworking workshop. and already sharpened. Excellent !

  22. Brian

    Great value for money!!

    My kids all need pencils for school, so thought why not?. Surprise mo-fo there was closer to 180 than 150. Great quality as lead does not break and again, I got more than I paid for. Good quality, recommend!

    3 people found this helpful

  23. Carson


    My students seem to eat my pencils. These are inexpensive and plentiful.

  24. eran gheriani

    Great product

    I love amazon basics stuff. Very good quality and best price

  25. John J. Fiorillo Jr.

    Lead is Dark enough to see.

    Wonderful pencils that do the job, dark enough to read and not round but octagon shaped to not roll off your desk. I like to use pencils for my password book so if I change passwords ,I can erase and fill in new password. These are #2 pencils that students use for exams. Excellent erasers ,but I prefer to add my own over the one on the pencil ✏ . Prior to buying these pencils I was getting frustrated with my current pencils that the lead was so soft and light that I could not read what I had written. I now have pencils that I like and will throw away all of my old pencils. Very happy with this product. 5 stars *****.

    4 people found this helpful

  26. Kindle Customer

    It’s Pencils! Now with More Pencils!

    I bought this giant pack of pencils after my kid’s school wrote begging for pencils. I bought them pre-sharpened because I happen to like these teachers –and it seemed insulting to buy 150 pencils that needed to be sharpened. Like leaving pennies for your waitress. Although I did not spend time testing every pencil–the teachers assure me that they all contain lead and seem to be working without issue. Woo pencils.

    5 people found this helpful

  27. Subbaiah Maneyapanda

    Great pencils

    Pre-sharpened, very sturdy. Erasers work well

  28. Walter H. Trisko

    A gift for my Niece who is a first time, first grade teacher!

    These #2 pencils were not for me but for my Niece who started teaching first grade this school year. I knew that there might be a need for these even though she and/or the students would likely have all that they would need but I like to always be prepared and thought that these would come in handy. She certainly appreciated them and has been able to keep everyone well supplied with plenty to spare! I sent a few other items as well just your basic classroom necessities. I feel that that as much as the school and/or parents should provide for their kids – I know that there will always be those who cannot afford or provide and hope that these items help to fill those gaps. Anyhow, congratulations to my Niece for having the guts to become a teacher – and a first grade teacher at that!

    4 people found this helpful

  29. Ronald Williams

    works as advertised

    works as advertised

  30. KS

    Pencil works fine

    It’s a basic pencil. All the pencils came already sharpened and no breakage. For the price you can’t beat it. I gave these to my Grand-kids.

  31. D. Watkins


    Thank you! Please keep the price down for teachers to afford.

  32. E. Rab

    Good quality and easy for the classroom

    Buying presharpened pencils is a must for my classroom. These pencils are *almost* as good as Ticonderoga. Definitely better than dollar store or other store brands. This was my 5th time purchasing a box.

  33. GramPam

    Teacher Daughter Loves these Pencils

    My daughter is a 3rd grade teacher and was very impressed with the pencils coming already sharpened for her students. Her school district does not provide the students with pencils so she assumes the cost. I thought this would be a great gift for her students and I was not disappointed!! Great quality!

    2 people found this helpful

  34. dragon32889

    Yeah it’s a pencil alright

    Good value.

  35. Vicki Schuman

    Great buy

    Item as describedTeachers loved themNo issues

  36. Sandra Gavin

    Great for back to school give aways or donations

    Thank you, for helping my family to be a help to families in need. Your support to get these items to us in a timely manner, help us to provide free bags to families that could not afford it at the beginning of school. Thank you again

    One person found this helpful

  37. Mary

    La punta del lápiz es más oscura

    Lo utilizo para escribir en clases

  38. Kubeika Maryetta

    good tp use

    The products are more useful than imagined, and have been shared by colleagues in the office,they all live it .It’s worth buying~

  39. Linda Sukulele

    Nicely sharoened

    The thing I like best is having them pre sharpened.

  40. Melissa Bourgeois

    For my students

    Students love them

  41. Tamilla

    Good old number 2 pencils

    These are some pretty average, wooden #2 pencils. Nothing special about them, and they do the job.

    One person found this helpful


    Long lasting

    Love it. Already sharpened. Lasted 2 yrs for my 2 kids. Definitely recommend!

  43. kitzel

    Sharpen carefully so it doesn’t eat away the pencil – good deal

    Seems to be soft wood but good pencil.

  44. Flying Scot

    They’e Orange!

    These pencils are imperially slim, feel great in your hand, have good erasers, write beautifully, and don’t break easily. Best of all, they’re not boring old yellow, they’re ORANGE! Great pencil, great color.

    One person found this helpful

  45. Zach Smith

    Comes already sharpened

    Havent bought many pencils in my time but i remember them coming flat on the end. These are alrwady sharp and ready to go.Other than that they are pencils.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Ender Gonz

    Good Quality

    They are good Quality. They do not weigh, they feel light in the hand. The children and I have liked using them

  47. Joe Jackson

    Works like the original #2 Pencil

    Works like the original #2 Pencil and it is more affordable.

  48. Kat & Jer

    Great pencils

    As always, fantastic pencils for school and every day use.

  49. Sean


    I am a teacher, and these are absolutely indispensable. Worth every penny.

  50. Tiffany slaymaker

    Nice product

    Nice product cheaper at Walmart

  51. Shiva

    Price match guaranty

    A very good purchase for this price. Highly recommended.

  52. Bob

    Short point

    Short point- wish it had a sharpening angle that produced a longer lead lead.

  53. Kennesia Cabral


    I like the fact that they were presharpned. This made it very easy for using without having g to worry about sharpening at first.

    2 people found this helpful

  54. Angela Canzoneri

    BULK Purchase

    We bought these for my daughter when they were only sale at the end of summer, they are great! They hold well, dont break and I even had enough to donate to others who didnt have any pencils in the call because they were cheap but a great product.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Superman

    I love these pencils. They are great value. Last a long time. They write well

    I did not receive the product first time, had to place a replacement order. Product arrived 2nd time. Package was intact and no broken parts. Its easy to hold and my son likes it. I hoped it would be little more darker and smoother while writing.

  56. Jennifer

    Good good

    A lot of pencils! All work great

  57. Amazon Customer

    It’s a pencil!

    Bought these pencils to go into dispenser. All sharpened which was great. Nice gift for teachers

  58. Rose Daniel

    Good pencils

    They write well and work as they should

  59. victor gonzalez

    Need to get!!!!!

    Get them!! I have four kids and pencils go by really fast. Kids lose them, break them or sharpen them too much, it was worth the purchase. My only regret is not getting the bigger box.

  60. C. Edwards


    Love these. I have ordered a few times.

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About this item
This fits your .

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

150 wood case #2 HB pencils made from high-quality wood come presharpened Strong medium-soft lead produces long-lasting, smooth, readable strokes Rounded hexagonal shape with satin-smooth finish for a secure, comfortable grip Soft, smudge-free, latex-free eraser secured to the end for conveniently wiping away mistakes