Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

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Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

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Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

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15.51 x 11.85 x 4.76 inches; 0.63 Ounces

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Palmetto Gourmet Foods

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#20 in Packaged Noodle Soups

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574 ratings

60 reviews for Ramen Express Chicken Flavor Ramen Cup Noodle

  1. Troy H.

    Inexpensive Vegan Ramen Noodles

    Im a big fan of these. Good price, easy to dress up with other ingredients, cook fast.Not sure where the bad ratings are coming from. I think they are great.

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  2. NinjaKuiper

    Great taste and dairy free

    I love ramen noodles, but since I developed a dairy allergy I Have not been able to enjoy ramen till I found these. Really good

  3. michelle gerson

    Dorm room perfect food

    I sent this to my son to eat in his dorm when the cafeteria is not open. He said these tasted great and cooked easily with boiling water.

  4. Julian J Gonzalez


    These are delicious! A bit pricey but everything is going up these days, I’ll definitely buy again

  5. Cee Hendrix

    Not As Great As I Thought It Would Be

    The price and the flavor don’t match. It doesn’t taste like beef which is fine but the taste isn’t all that great. Some of my packs had two seasoning packets and some had none. But in the end it didn’t even out…I still had packs of noodles with no seasoning pack left at the end. Not a big deal if at home but for a lunch at work it doesn’t work.Also, Some of the dye on the plastic rubbed off onto the noodles

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  6. E. Caruson

    Less seasoning now

    I used to LOVE this, it’s so good. Perfect amount of spice and salt. Lately they are really skimping on the amount of seasoning they put in it. I’ve ordered 3 12-packs recently and all have been disappointing.

  7. Dannunzio

    I never knew that a vegan Ramen was made

    It’s vegan and every so often I enjoy a bowl of Ramen and what I had to do was buy Ramen toss the packet and season it m self now I no longer have to do that.

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  8. JF

    Best Kosher Ramen available for the price.

    I’ve tried Gefen as well as Tradition. This smokes them both.Thank you for a great product.

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  9. Isobella

    Very good but pricey

    I love ramen and eat it daily – I add veggies and egg. The flavor was great, I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat. (No pork or beef.) So this is great, broth is very flavorful. It’s more expensive than mainstream ramen but it’s still a good value and a good meal, especially with the added veggies.I would definitely recommend!

  10. Kay


    The seller was prompt with my order and delivered it on time. I would recommend the seller and their products to my friends and family… I’ve gotten excellent customer service on previous products as well. Thanks!

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  11. Ashley T.

    high price

    The price is high, but my dairy free son loves the taste

  12. Jennifer L Shurtz

    Only dairy free ramen out there!

    Our galactosemia daughter loves these! No milk!!

  13. Renee Rios Torrez

    Good ramens

    Good for several yummy recipes

  14. Amazon Customer


    This soup is so delicious and so much better than the good old-fashioned cup o soup. Worth the price and I can’t believe it’s vegan!

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  15. Anna Jones

    Sent expired product on my second order

    First time I ordered these, absolutely fantastic. That classic neon yellow broth, strong flavor–I had to get another case. This time, the broth was pale and light, and had a weird funky flavor. Whatever, maybe it was “improved” (many vegan foods end up going this route to appear healthier, but I have no intention of being a healthy vegan and it’s miserable and please stop this).Today’s lunch, the funk flavor was just too much and tasted like someone dipped their foot in the water. Something just went off in my head, this ain’t right. I checked the underside and…lo and behold, it expired a month ago. Not long enough to do any real harm, I hope, but enough to make me throw out the rest of the case.For the love of all that is holy, please clear out expired stock in your warehouses! I love this soup, despite being ridiculously overpriced for some instant noodles. I want to order again, but not if I get product made before the inauguration.

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  16. Mischa

    great vegetarian option for lunch on the go

    Vegetarian cup noodles can be hard to find, so these are a godsend for vegetarians who need a quick and easy lunch at work. Plus, these are tasty. The only problem is I usually just add part of the flavor packet to cut down on sodium, but these have the powder already on the noodles, so you have little choice but to consume a ton of salt.

  17. MBrescia

    Tastes like chicken ramen.

    I like the ease of cooking and taste.

  18. Victor Dovid Smith

    Delicious “chicken” flavor, reminds me of NongShim texture wise

    I really like this brand, I’ve also had the hotter and spicier version as well, but I really wanted to try the chicken. There was a drastic price difference and level of availability of the hotter and spicier vs the chicken – the chicken was almost double the price of the spicy, which was no longer available or I would have bought both. It is in line with the rates for other kosher chicken ramens (Traditions, Kedem, etc) but it still kind of sucks because ramen should be less than $1 a pack to my cheap college student budget.At any rate, the chicken is tasty, the noodles can sit and soak to your preferred texture after cooking and come out consistently. I love the convenience and quick prep between classes, and definitely recommend them.

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  19. D. Jenkins

    I like it

    Tastes better than Maruchan Cup Of Noodles. Maybe a bit healthier?Vegetarian too.

  20. Kait Brannen

    The beef ones are my favorite

    The beef seems have more flavor than the chicken but both are good. I just wish our local stores carried them on a regular basis.

  21. Jenny Valdez

    Good flavor

    I love the soup.

  22. Sandy S.


    Nice to keep this product on hand when I need a quick snack or have a cosy cup of soup!

  23. Donna T


    I’m not vegan, but really like these. The flavor and texture are good. The calorie rate is acceptable.

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  24. Leora

    Love this ramen!

    Love the chicken ramen. Will add an egg too for protein and it becomes a good meal.

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  25. John


    I ordered these because I tried one of the Chicken Ramen Express cups, and it tasted amazing for store-bought ramen. I figured that these packets would taste the same, but sadly, they don’t. I would compare them to Maruchan chicken ramen. I’m not sure I could tell the difference in a blind taste test. They aren’t bad, but they just aren’t nearly as good as the cup version I had, and they aren’t much better than the cheap stuff. I would say there also isn’t quite enough seasoning in each packet, as the ramen lacks some flavor, even with water nearly completely drained. Lastly, in one pack, I got two seasoning packets, so I wonder if they have quality control issues there. Overall, I’d say these are just meh ramen packs that I won’t be buying again.

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  26. Robert Q

    Poor quality noodles, decent soup base

    The soup base has a great flavor but I buy ramen mainly for the noodle. I typically eat Korean udon style ramen or Japanese Sapporo ichican brand ramen and this is by far much worse. The noodle becomes very mushy in the soup, has almost no bite to it. When adding vegetables and egg as I usually do, I hardly notice the noodle at all. It has a very poor consistency and as stated, becomes mush before I even finish my meal. Disappointed especially for the price. Will stick to Nongshim, Jinramen, Sapporo ichiban brands.

  27. LSF

    Very Tasty

    I generally love this, but I got a pack without the seasoning and I was stuck at work with noodles in hot water. I couldn’t even find any salt, so one star off for that this time. Otherwise, the best!

  28. Anne C

    Great taste and convenience

    These disappear quickly from my pantry – taste better than previous ramen products we’ve tried.

  29. Dimplez

    Always satisfying!

    These are a bit pricey. Hard to find them in the regular grocery stores now. Flavor is great! Will definitely buy again.

  30. sam

    Tastes really good

    Tastes amazing, best chicken one I’ve had. No milk is why I tried it, my son can’t have milk and I am always looking for quick stuff he can have. This one I wanted to eat also

  31. Nicole G

    I enjoy the taste!

    These are my favorite from this company! I enjoy sipping on the broth and I like the noodles.

  32. netstarman


    Absolutely tasty it’s a soup that’s good by itself or add on extra stuff. Green onions chopped, sliced egg, maybe some meat added on.

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  33. Kindle Customer

    Best Instant Ramen Cups

    Relatively healthy and vegan. Best go-cup of noodles around.

    One person found this helpful

  34. Marc Twain

    Been waiting for this

    So glad to find basic “maruchan/Nissin” style vegetarian r”chicken” ramen. This tastes pretty much like I was hoping.

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  35. Clarence B.

    no flavor

    no flavor packet inside

  36. Tyler Maxwell

    Great substitute

    The flavor is an excellent substitute for real chicken ramen, and the noodles have a nice texture.

  37. Tracey

    These are good

    I like these better than the other brands. The taste is refreshing and not so much salt.

    One person found this helpful

  38. Robyn W.

    Great noodles

    This is my favorite ramen. I don’t care about packaging as I’m not eating the package. It has a great flavor. The noodles are delicious.

    2 people found this helpful

  39. Justin

    Don’t support them, poor business

    The price is laughably high, in June of 2021 these were $13, and in August 2021 it was $26, now it’s $39? It’s an absolute joke that they tripled their price and downright shameful, I hope they go out of business for this kind of tactic.At the end of the day, noodles aren’t bad but just OK. It was a good deal at $13, still bought at $25 but was very upset. This was the one good kosher ramen brand, now I will never support their business again, just sad that they care more about money than their customers.

    18 people found this helpful

  40. Suthringurl

    A healthy cup Ramen, great taste and great value.

    A healthy cup Ramen, great taste and great value.

    2 people found this helpful


    Very nice flavorful.

    My kids love this soup will sure buy it again.

  42. Michelle Witkin

    Love these – a great find in ramen!

    With two young adults in the house, ramen is very popular. One of my family members keeps strictly kosher and finding good tasting ramen that he can eat at an affordable price is not always easy. This one is a win all the way!

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  43. Amarah

    Excellent quality

    I was so happy to find some ramen that I can safely eat since most are processed with shellfish. The noodle quality is excellent and it has good flavor. The price is excellent for how many you get.

  44. Brittany

    Unpleasant Odor

    These noodles smell burnt or something when you open the package. The smell is quite strong.

  45. Nicholas Vanallen

    Not happy with packaging or flavor

    I had to throw away half the package because the packaging was damaged and the contents leaked out. Not sure if it was like that way on shipment or damaged in transit. The external box was fine, no issues.I also tried a cup. Now I have had their other items and they are great, but this one is lacking flavor. It has spice but its like you took plain noodles and added cayenne pepper. Bland bland bland

  46. J S

    Shipping ecchhhgreat

    Great item but lately they are now shipping using plastic cheap flimsy bags . The item comes in a paper cup and it gets crushed . Guess what ??? It did !!! 3 cups were demolished..

  47. LaurenDafna


    Literally no flavor at all. Don’t waste your money!

  48. Mark


    I did not like that the item was was 1 month past expiration date and I couldn’t return it

  49. Elizebeth

    They are not cheap like the ones in the store BUT these are kosher.

    They are not cheap like the ones in the store BUT these are kosher.

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  50. onceuponatime

    All time favorite

    Favorite ramen by far and we were shook when we found out it was vegan! Love love love!

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  51. Al & Josie



  52. Kindle Customer

    Love the taste and how fast they came but a little expensive

    Love them for a quick meal very tasty and filling

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  53. Amazon Customer

    Dairy Free!

    I love this ramen!! Ever since I found it in Safeway I’ve loved the taste and quality of Ramen Express. I’m not able to eat diary and because Ramen Express is vegetarian I have no problems with it at all. There are very few instant ramens out there that don’t contain milk. I’m super glad its now on Amazon because I couldn’t find it anymore at my local Safeway. Thank you Ramen Express!!

    13 people found this helpful

  54. Darra Y.

    Yummy! With no dairy 🙂

    Slightly obsessed with this brand of ramen noodles. Love how there is no dairy and even though there is wheat it really doesn’t bother my wheat allergy. I have tried all three flavors and would definitely recommend for customers to buy these!! The flavor is great and compared to other brands the price is perfect!! Thank you!!

    8 people found this helpful

  55. Ayeshs

    Very expensive

    This noodles are very expensive.i bought it because they are halal but other than it is just a regular ramen which is very very very expensive and not worth of price at all.

  56. Patrick Kelly

    Best cup Ramen ever!

    By a great accident I came across this awesome ramen. Flavor of Ramen Express is unmatched to all the others out there. Nice robust flavor and I appreciate the non Styrofoam cups.

  57. David A.

    Not. Good.

    The noodles are very greasy, leaves an oil slick around your mouth and has a very “doughnut” smell and taste. The soup is very salty. Noodle bite isn’t right either, very weak.

  58. C Laumann

    Taste great. No MSG, etc

    Easy to fix, just boil water, add to cup, wait 3 minutes, lunch 😁

  59. ValTheModel

    Very bland

    Actually purchased this twice and it’s way to bland and not worth it.

  60. Jo

    Good but a little too salty for my taste

    A little bit too salty, but good flavor overall and great value

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