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Scott 1000 has 1000 long-lasting toilet paper sheets in every roll Get the performance and value you expect with Scott 1000 Scott 1000 is safe for septic systems Our bath tissue is FSC Certified Paper from responsible sources Scott 1000 Bath Tissue is available in several bulk packaging options

Take care of your family with Scott 1000 Bath Tissue, America’s longest lasting roll, versus national brands’ best-selling roll, and enjoy fewer roll changes and more value for your home. Each toilet paper roll contains 1000 sheets. Plus, Scott 1000 1-ply bathroom tissue dissolves quickly, so it’s kinder to your plumbing and safe for sewer and septic systems. You can even use it in your RV or boat. With Amazon Subscribe & Save, save up to 15% and conveniently keep Scott 1000 toilet tissue on hand. Schedule routine delivery of toiletries with free shipping, and you can change or cancel a delivery at any time. Get the performance you want from a brand you can trust with Scott 1000 Bath Tissue.


8 Count (Pack of 5), 12 Count (Pack of 1), 16 Count (Pack of 1), 16 Count (Pack of 2), 20-count, 20 Count (Pack of 1), 36 Count (Pack of 1), NEW, 1000 Sheets


Unscented Bathroom Tissue, Compressed, 32 Rolls, 27 Rolls, Unscented Bathroom Tissue (Long lasting), Non-Compressed, Unscented 36 Count, 1 Ply

10 reviews for Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, 20-Rolls : Health & Household

  1. Abbasgirl

    We started using Scott tissue early in our marriage to save money. It was tough enough to do the job and lasted longer than other tissues. 15 or more years ago I started having bladder pain and burning with urination much like a bladder infection. Yet, antibiotics didn’t get rid of the symptoms. I prayed for help in understanding the cause of this problem and remembered bying a colored pack that matched our bathroom at the time. As soon as I got rid of the colored tissue, all the symptoms went away. On a few occasions, I have been able to help other women overcome apparent bladder issues by telling my story. What a blessing! My bladder and my pocketbook have been blessed thru the years! On a couple occassions, Scott has seemed to change their formulation and not been as strong or absorbent. Thankfully, this was resolved with the next purchase and life in the bathroom continues without fanfare. Scott tissue is not the softest tissue on the market. But, it does the job and saves us money to use on other necessities. 🙂 We will continue to use as long as we can save.

  2. Mostlee

    You’d think that something basic like toilet paper would be the last thing that you’d buy online. I gave it a shot using subscribe and save (along with 4 other items) and found the best deal around (without coupons). The 20 rolls of bathroom tissue come in a corrugated cardboard box, original Scott packaging and again packed in 4 roll packages. It was shipped by itself and not with the 4 other, smaller items and it arrived when expected.The product itself is exactly the same as what you’d find in a store, same sizes involved too (total square footage). I’m signed up for a 20 pack every 2 months, works out perfectly for me and if the price stays the same, I won’t have to hunt down the better sales. Thanks Amazon!PLEASE READ: A word about subscribe and save. At this time, amazon does not have a way to group new additions to your subscribe and save BEFORE ordering each new item. How to get around this? 1. place subscribe and save new order. 2. IMMEDIATELY, go to your orders and cancel the order IF you don’t need the item now and you want the 15% discount(reason: change shipping speed). 3. Go to your subscribe and save page. (the new item is at the top of your subscribe and save page).There, you can alter the shipping dates and frequency of the shipping dates. In my case, I am using my Scott’s TP as a barometer to order 4 more items being delivered at the same time. My next shipment date will be December 7th, so I align all my subscribe and save items that I want to be delivered at the same time and joila! 15% off! not 5%Also, I have over 10 items in my subscribe and save. For items that I don’t want soon, I put a future month, like February, so that it won’t ship too early. I go back weekly to check on my ship and save page and make adjustments if necessary. Sometimes items go out of stock, then they re-appear. Good luck all!

  3. Ant onio

    One must be careful when writing a review about toilet paper. Very careful. First off, for whatever reason, this product arrived in a box that was about four feet long, even though the tp was in a much smaller bag. Other than that, what can I say about it? Everyone has their preferences, either they want thin, or they want thick and fluffy like some cloud. And if you buy the wrong type, somebody will get mad. Then we have the never ending battle, “over” or “under”? And whoever you live with will be opposite so they just flip it over without your approval. How rude. For what it is worth, I am a “over” type of a guy. So anyways regarding this specific product, I found superior product performance throughout the life of the 20 roll pack. So I will wrap up this review, and wish you a happy day.

  4. Catherine

    Bought for the value And couldn’t give it five stars for softeners because it’s Scott toilet paper For septic safe use which is the reason I bought it and will continue to. Highly recommend it

  5. Dan from Maine

    Update: The shipping on this item is no longer free, which means you lose alot of value.This might seem like an alarming amount of statistical data considering it’s concerning… toilet paper… of all things, but, if you do the math, this product is the best value, given several factors.You must assume the following about this product:1. This single-ply product is as effective as most 2-ply products. And I believe it is.2. This product is not uncomfortable in any way, but it is not cottony-soft. If you are sensitive to the texture of bath tissue, you may not be wild about this product. To quote Dwight Schrute, “Don’t get me start on how coddled the American anus is…” Personally, I’m just fine with the texture of this product.Disclaimer: if you are accustomed to cottony-soft, 2-ply bath tissue for your sensitive hind-region, you should spend more money on a product that properly caters to your pampered anus.That said, the math is as follows:Each roll contains 1000 sheets, which are 4.1″ in length, or: 1000(4.1)= 4100 Inches per rollComparison rolls of 2-ply are 500 sheets, which are an average of 4″ in length, or: 500(4)= 2000 inches per rollIf you folded your Scott Bathroom Tissue in half (creating 2-ply bath tissue), you’d have a length of 2050 inches, which is 50 inches greater than the average 2-ply.We can extrapolate that Scott Bathroom Tissue contains more useable length of product than comparable products.I did not take sheet width into account, because Scott Bathroom Tissue’s width is standard, or adequate, and comparable to other products. Users who require a wider bathroom tissue may consider consulting a doctor, finding a specialty outlet, or contacting a bathroom tissue manufacturer who may manufacture bathroom tissue at a custom width for an additional cost.It’s simple to calculate your cost per roll, for example, in this pack you receive 20 rolls; you simply divide the total cost by the number of rolls, or: $11/20= $0.55/rollTo compare to other brands, you must also find the cost per roll. In this example, I will use a no-name brand, in a large box. We’ll call it TPerfection, which comes in a box of 96 rolls for $40. We determine the cost per roll is: $40/95= $0.46 – that sounds enticing!!But it’s not, because you’re purchasing 500 sheets per roll, at 4″ per sheet, or 500(4)= 2000″Remember, Scott’s rolls each contain: 1000(4.1)= 4100″Again, we must assume that Scott’s Bathroom Tissue is equally as effective as comparable 2-ply rolls. And you see that you are getting a much greater value from Scott’s Bathroom Tissue.In some product applications, you might like a formula to create a ratio that easily compares the value of two products – in this case, it’s entirely unecessary. It’s easy to extrapolate that Scott’s Bathroom Tissue exceeds comparable brands in value.

  6. GreenApple

    Great deal for the amount and this type of toilet paper – which I just like a lot. It’s hard to know how to buy tp because there is no across the brand even comparison, so I don’t know if there is a better deal out there but this tissue lasts long and is great it came delivered in bulk to me. I like Scott band, could be because I grew up with it – most likely that is why. Update 2/12/17, I purchased again and feel very confident and pleased with my purchase. One roll seems to last longer because I cannot remember how long it took to run out, vs remembering how often I had to change other brands out. I think this is my brand for life. Sounds kind of funny for toilet paper, but it’s a great luxury to have and I’m grateful for it.

  7. Philip Henry Bolster

    I really am happy for the ability to get these TP rolls delivered to my door. I have been tracking their use and find that one roll lasts the two of us for over a week. With this in mind 20 rolls should last us for 5 months. The loosely wrapped cushioned TP can be used up in a couple of days which is a great nuisance. The convenience of being delivered to the house makes our shopping so much simpler as our home is 15 minutes from town. We are dealing with rising gasoline prices, having this delivered to my door saves me time wandering down the grocery aisles being chatted up by my neighbors and driving there and back taking up to an hour and a half of my time to purchase 1 package of toilet paper. With Amazon Prime and preplanning, I can order another 20 when I am down to 4 rolls. I will certainly order again.

  8. Becky

    I have solely used this product for years. I haven’t personally measured the roll over the years to see if it has gotten smaller, thats kinda weird.This stuff is a rougher paper, but It gets the job done well! Other brands are too soft, unabsorbant and just kinda smear things around!There is no other brand that competes for value and durability! Other rolls run out quick and you have to replace constantly! So frustrating when you realize that after you sit down! This roll keeps on going and going even if you use a generous handful!I moved to rural Alaska and they dont have this at all! I tried to just deal with other brands, it just did not work for me! I never thought id be buying tp over the internet but I’m getting a better deal than when I had access too it! I love you scott and will never leave you again!

  9. Deborah K. Dobbins

    It’s toilet paper so I’m not going to get detailed but we are happy with the quality and performance of Scott brand TP. I’ve used it for many years and have always been satisfied with the quality. I’m seeing many people on here complaining about the cost being cheaper at Walmart or Target for $11. I buy the 20 pack here at about $12 per pack. It’s totally worth the extra dollar to NOT have to drive to one of the huge mega stores, wait in line, fight crowds of rude people, maybe it will be in stock maybe it won’t, wait in long check out line behind lady with 5 screaming kids and 7 cartloads of groceries and 600 coupons who decides to write a check in the fast lane, fight the traffic on the way home …. WHY when I could simply just have it delivered right to my doorstep by UPS!!!! Thank you Amazon!!!!

  10. Jann C

    I have used this brand for many years. It is one ply and has 1000 sheets on a roll. I have hyper sensitive skin and it does not have the fibers that adhere to your skin (and give me a rash!) like all the cushy “soft” brands do. I work at a place that uses a leading cushy brand and I miss my Scott every work day! The reason I began purchasing this brand over 30 years ago was my young children would use too much of other brands and clog the toilet. This brand was the only one they could use without clog problems. It is also safe for septic systems. We had a septic tank at a home we lived in for years and never had one problem! Also, if you buy this through Amazon’s subscribe and save program along with 4 other items in a month, you get an awesome deal!!

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Scott 1000 has 1000 long-lasting toilet paper sheets in every roll Get the performance and value you expect with Scott 1000 Scott 1000 is safe for septic systems Our bath tissue is FSC Certified Paper from responsible sources Scott 1000 Bath Tissue is available in several bulk packaging options