Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue Made for RVs and Boats (8 Rolls) : Health & Household

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10 reviews for Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue Made for RVs and Boats (8 Rolls) : Health & Household

  1. MzBizz

    This TP is soft and gentle which still being easily dissolved in our camper toilet. They did not compromise the quality for the camping version of their TP which is nice. I have purchased is twice now (once in store and once through Amazon). It arrived in time for our first trip of the season, was packaged well, and has never caused issues with clogging or not dissolving completely. I’d highly recommend for campers!

  2. john lindsey

    And price

  3. Victoria Lewis

    This toilet paper is hard to find. Great buy & product

  4. Robert Givvens

    This Scott TP says it’s for boats and RVs, but it’s great for way more than that … this TP dissolves in water after a few seconds, making it PERFECT for any off-grid camping uses. It looks, feels, and behaves just like normal TP, then breaks up once submerged in water for a few seconds. Instead of the old Boy Scout trick of burning your TP (and the whole forest), this TP is perfect for using for any off-grid camp piddles and doodles. Dig a hole, do your business, pour water on it, bury it — it’s like you were never there. Unlike most TPs that will survive underground for years (why anyone needs this is an infernal mystery), this TP lasts exactly as long as it should and no longer. I wish they’d sell this as normal TP, because my 50 year old sewer would appreciate it. I hope Scott keeps making this — it’s vital for off-grid camping and sensitive sewer systems alike.

  5. Jackie C.

    Bought this for my dad. His first response when I asked him about his gift was about how soft and thick it was. Compared to the stuff he bought, this tissue should be 10 stars.

  6. JenJen

    Desolves good, have plumbing problems

  7. Ginna24

    This was perfect for our camper! We felt safer with the immediate dissolve feature! Good value for the money !

  8. Robert Guster

    does what it is supposed to, its toilet paper, what do you expect. I had no clogging of any kind with it.

  9. jason

    Havent tried any other but works great for me abd no cloggs so far in camper

  10. techie

    I use this in my home. We had plumbing issues where the dang paper was plugging the pipe, but this stuff dissolves quickly so no more clogs.Cheers

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