Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel

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[ERGONOMIC]: Design improves posture, reduces the need to bend [SHOVEL]: Made of a durable, impact-resistant blade [HANDLE]: The spring-assist handle acts as a fulcrum – changes mechanics of shoveling, reduces strain [EASY TO USE]: Gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease

Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel

Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel

Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel


Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel.Snow Joe + Sun Joe specialize in developing innovative outdoor tools to keep your home looking beautiful throughout the year, whether the snow is falling or the sun is shining. Our expansive line of outdoor power equipment, which includes manual, cordless, and electric tools such as lawn mowers, trimmers, tillers, and snow blowers, aims to simplify your yard routine to make it quick and easy to get your outdoor chores done.


Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel

Now you can shovel smarter, not harder to quickly and easily get snow out of your way. No more heavy lifting with a traditional shovel! No more aching back! Shovelution greatly reduces the effort, strain and potential injury involved in shoveling, using the powerful muscles of your upper body to do the lifting and throwing, and sending lifting leverage to the lower hand – to reduce back strain, so you can lift more, and throw farther.

  • Durable, impact-resistant blade
  • Gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease
  • Wide 18-inch shovel blade with aluminum wear strip
  • Ergonomic design improves posture, reduces the need to bend

Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel


Shovel smarter, not harder! Time to toss out the old shovels; back-breaking winter-weather cleanups are a thing of the past with the Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution 18″ Strain-reducing snow shovel – the next generation in snow-clearing technology. Snow Joe strain-reducing solution greatly reduces the effort, strain & potential injury involved in shoveling, using the powerful muscles of your upper body to do the lifting & throwing, & sending lifting leverage to the lower hand – to reduce back strain byup to 30%. plus, Snow Joe spring-loaded, ergonomic shovel grip captures the expended energy from the act of throwing the snow, to quickly return & reset the shovel, ready for the next load. Patent pending. 2-Year ful

Product Dimensions

50 x 18 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight

3.6 Pounds


Snow Joe



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4.5 out of 5 stars

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Poly (blade)




Snow Joe

Item Dimensions LxWxH

50 x 18 x 3.9 inches


18-inch Snow Shovel – Red

Blade Length

18 Inches

Grip Type


58 reviews for Snow Joe Shovelution 18 in SJ SHLV01 RED Snow Shovel

  1. mark carter

    Throw your old shovels away….

    I bought this for those snowfalls that aren’t big enough to drag out the snow thrower. Last year my son cracked two shovels trying to break ice so we needed a new shovel to add to our arsenal and I saw this one on Amazon. I figured I’d give it a shot being that it has the 2 handles and looks like it would be easier on the back when shoveling. The first snowfall of the season was about 3 inches of heavy sloppy wet snow. This thing was a blessing to use…. my back was fine after using this for about an hour and a half. There was a little assembly required… took all of about 5 minutes and no tools. I am more than satisfied with this purchase and told the wife we should get another 1 to keep in the basement as a back up…. By the way…. son is not allowed to use this 1 after what he did to our other conventional shovels last year.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    This shovel is amazing!!

    Normally, I don’t give any product 5 stars, but this shovel is easily 5 stars! First, it is my lightest shovel. Second, it has a metal strip that not only makes the shovel stronger but makes it easier to scrape ice off the sidewalk. Then there is the flexible handle. I can push the snow, then easily scoop it up and flip it with NO back strain. I can do this standing straight up. I have a bad back and this shovel is very back friendly. An incredible and simple invention. I like it so much I was thinking of buying several of these and giving them to my neighbors as gifts. They are all using older shovels with no handles and they have to hunch over to move the snow.

    One person found this helpful

  3. Teddy G

    Saves your back

    A good ergonomic design that saves your back. The weight and pressure on your back muscles is greatly multiplied for every inch that you lean forward to pick up a load. The extended handle solves this problem by allowing you to remain almost upright while lifting the load. I wish I’d had one of these years ago. It comes in two pieces that snap together. This makes it easier to ship. However, I’ll not rate this shovel on “sturdiness” just yet. Only time will tell, but so far it seems to be a good fit without any noticeable slipping in the joint.

  4. Corinne Stipek McKisson

    Great basic snow shovel

    I am pretty happy with this product. 60 year old female, I’ve been leary of how to choose the best type and not invest a lot of money as snow and ice are infrequent in our area. I still haven’t quite figured out the level handle but kept it secured with loop and used it to flip shovel and toss snow off. Edge could be sharper as anytime the surface was t quite perfectly flat it got stuck on aggregate concrete patio, cracks in concrete walkway, and uneven asphalt driveway surface. All said and done I believe it will meet me needs fine for our situation. I’m going to search on Youtube to see if there’s more instruction on properly using the secondary handle.

    2 people found this helpful

  5. Ellio Ges

    Turned me into superman

    Wow I needed a snow shovel but I had no idea this thing was going to transform my life. I feel like I was 19 again like I put on a Superman costume and went out there with a snow shovel and conquered my driveway. It’s amazing, all the work is done by my arms and there’s very little stress on the back because you don’t have to bend over to shovel your snow. I’m going to be 65 this year but I shoveled every bit of my 12′ x175 lineal foot driveway. The snow was 6 in deep and fairly heavy and now every bit of it is lying on the lawn. You guys have invented a miraculous snow shovel

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  6. Jack

    Probably the ugliest shovel I’ve ever seen, but my driveway isn’t the fashion runway

    As the title says, it is ungainly-looking. I ordered it for my mother who has health issues but still wants to shovel off the walkway on her own. Since it worked great for her I decided to give it a shot and it does provide a bit better leverage and better hand positioning for certain shoveling actions. A downside is that you can’t really pack it as flat as a normal shovel, but if you’re in a climate where snow is on the ground up to six months of the year then it doesn’t really matter since you’re going to be dragging it out soon enough anyway.

    4 people found this helpful

  7. Rajeev

    Works well but the Al. weather strip came off after few uses

    Works well, light weight and easy to use. However, after few uses over past 30 months, the Aluminum Wear strip got loose from the blade. Tried putting back it in, but it keeps coming off.Would be nice if the wear strip is rivetted to the blade, so that it does not come off. Looking for alternatives or solutions to fix the strip permanently. Real painful to shovel without the wear strip.

    6 people found this helpful

  8. Anne

    EXCELLENT shovel, except….

    …the metal blade will not stay on. Or, would not stay on… I’m blessed with a hubby whom is a welder, fabricator, machinist and has the skills and equipment to RIVET the blade on. Be prepared, this shovel IS awesome except that the only thing holding the blade on, appears to be a “pressing” if you will. Unless it was supposed to be screwed on or something…? So, after a few shovel fulls, the blade started to pop off. So, to the manufacturer: You really should attach the blade to the shovel permanently, as “pressing” it on, does not hold.

    14 people found this helpful

  9. Alamo Sam

    Light, collapsible, compact shovel with useful ergonomic feature

    I love it- but it may not be optimal for all users. This item seems to benefit a particular segment of users, mostly relevant to (older/ weaker) users desiring an efficient second point of leverage for the two-handed lifting and throwing operation. It is a light aluminum/ plastic shovel, so doesn’t require excessive strength to operate. Cons: As it is light, it doesn’t do so well scraping icey areas. The build quality seems good but is focused on lightness- so can’t evaluate long-term durability.

    2 people found this helpful

  10. LeaveMeBe

    Great shovel…the extra handle makes all the difference.

    I’ve lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin for all of my 52 years of life, and I have shoveled many tons of snow over my lifetime. Suffice it to say that I am an amateur authority on snow shoveling (never having done it professionally, for pay).For most of my life I’ve used “snow plow”-type shovels, which work best for smaller amounts of snow, but increase the workload in bigger snowfalls because when you try to take a big scoop and toss it away, some of the snow always seems to fall off the sides. They do work great, though, for scraping the concrete clean and making nice clean, straight edges and banks on the snow piles you have lovingly shoveled.Those are the details that even a casual observer will notice and which separate a half-hearted shoveler of snow from a true snow-shoveling artisan, that is, one who cares about the craft and about doing a good job of it.The SnowJoe has changed my whole attitude about, and approach to, shoveling snow. The second handle makes it so easy to pick up and toss snow, that I feel like an idiot for not coming up with this idea myself. The mechanics of shoveling are changed, much for the better, and I can clear snow probably twice as fast with the SnowJoe than with any other shovel I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot of different shovels over the last 45-or-so winters.I did take advice from another reviewer, based on and coupled with input from yet another reviewer, in that I reinforced the hollow steel shaft of the shovel by putting a wood dowel inside it. A 7/8-inch thick, 36-inch-long oak dowel ($3.29 at my local home store) with 1 1/2 inches cut off from it, fits perfectly inside the handle and stiffens it so that the shaft can’t possibly bend enough to break, which is something that some reviewers have experienced. It also provides a beefier surface for the screws that hold the shovel scoop in place to bite into, making them more secure and functional. It adds negligible weight, but really solidifies the whole assembly. It fits nice and snug in there and doesn’t rattle or move at all. It feels like you filled the shaft with concrete or something, but not nearly so heavy as doing that.As for the metal edge on the shovel scoop, yes it is too soft, as other reviewers have stated. With dry snow, it’s very noticeable, the way it grabs at the concrete and binds the shovel when you try to make a pick-up stroke. With wetter, heavy snow, it’s not so noticeable because the water content of the snow and resultant moisture on the surface lubricate the edge somewhat and make it slide easier. I have the supplies to replace the factory edge with a piece of 1/8-inch-thick galvanized steel, which will eliminate the problem.So far, I have used the SnowJoe three times, twice on drier snow (4″ and 5″ snowfalls) and once on 3 inches of very heavy, dense, wet snow. It can handle it all and makes shoveling easier no matter what kind of snow you have polluting your driveway and sidewalks. Even a full, heaping scoop of heavy, wet snow, as heavy as I’ve ever lifted with any snow shovel, is moved more easily with the use of the second handle, by giving you the hand-position and the correct leverage to be able to fling that snow right up and over the five-foot-tall snow pile you have already shoveled by this point in the never-ending winter.So far, it’s taken what I have thrown at it (and thrown WITH it) and has worked wonderfully. Don’t let negative reviews get you down or scare you away. This is a good shovel and I love it.

    21 people found this helpful

  11. Scott F.

    Easy to use!

    Got our first snow and I tried this shovel. Works great and easy on the back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  12. Christie Z.

    Awesome shovel!

    This is a great shovel! Makes lifting heavy snow much easier and also relieves pressure on the back.

  13. denise s. arnold

    Snow shovel

    I really like the shovel

  14. Customer K

    Seems realiable

    The smaller lift handle seems flimsy but haven’t had an issue yet. Easy assembly and right on time for the first snow

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  15. C. D. Nolan

    The spring assisted handle is great, but the angle of the shovel is way too steep.

    Like I said in the title, the spring assisted handle is great. I’m able to fling snow easily, far, and accurately.However, the angle of the shovel is way too steep. To keep it from grabbing the ground under the snow, I basically had to duck walk to keep the non-spring handle low enough to the ground so that it didn’t catch on anything. Best guess is that I had to keep the handle two feet off the ground or it would catch on every bump in the driveway. At the end of the day, not any easier to use than a standard snow shovel due to it catching on everything.

    One person found this helpful

  16. ConstanceFredericka

    More than Amazing!

    This shovel what’s up a lot of snow and is easy to use. I have also used it as a broom when I’m taking leaving, lol. I just love the design of it, the curves shape helps to hold a lot and not let any snow or leaves fall out. Great investment, I am happy.

    4 people found this helpful

  17. James Simmons

    Quality product good price

    Lightweight ,sturdy excellent buy.

  18. Ted

    Works but plan on replacing handle

    Design is great, works well but handle broke off 3rd time using it on both shovels I bought

    2 people found this helpful

  19. creata

    Okay for tossing, but you may need another shovel as well

    This shovel is okay for tossing snow. Like another reviewer said, you may need to be a few inches less than 6′ tall to have the possible benefit of less stooping over. The spring between the two handles makes tossing lightweight snow easier, but tossing heavier snow is harder but still possible, i.e. it’s still a workout, not a miracle maker. You can’t pry up ice with this, so you may want another shovel for that.

    6 people found this helpful

  20. “unidentified987”

    Great, got to try it out today

    I was skeptical about the added handle, but now I’m a believer. That extra handle reduces stress on my back because I don’t have to bend over to lift a shovel full of snow.

  21. Dan Maertz

    Good but not great.

    I like the extra handle for lifting the heavy snow, it gets in the way on the light stuff. The metal scraper at the bottom is wearing quickly, not sure it will make it through the winter.

  22. don kalibat

    Pleasant surprise

    Looks weird, but works excellently. First snow, so can’t tell durability, but is super to use, esp pitching over deck rails. Also, for deck stairs, can use small handle to clear steps by pulling shovel towards you and behind step. I’m getting another.


    Good shovel

    The front handle seems to ‘get in the way’ and is flimsy, I keep it tied up. But the shovel is good.

  24. Jose Figueroa

    Great ergonomics, weak plastic

    Overall, it is a good product, easy to use with good ergonomics that make it easy on the back. However, the shovel is plastic, hence it bends against the ice. It may work well enough on powder snow, I only used against icy snow; when push against it, the shovel gets stuck and bends.

    One person found this helpful

  25. Cynthia T.

    Worth every penny

    Holy smokes. I never thought I’d want to write a review about a snow shovel before, but here we are! This this is AMAZING. The second handle makes ALL the difference. I shoveled my entire driveway and some of the street in probably around 30-45 minutes, and I barely broke a sweat. I will say the driveway probably had about 6 inches of snow on it. So we’ll see how it does with deeper amounts. But currently I absolutely love it, and although I didn’t like spending $40 initially, it was so so worth it

    9 people found this helpful

  26. E2B2

    Truly as simple as it looks

    This shovel is perfect for anyone needing to shovel snow. No more straining your back!!

  27. MI farm girl

    GREAT shovel

    I got this last winter and just used it for the recent 6″ of wet snow in my dogs fenced yard.Both girls are short and snowplow a trail with their chests. SO, now they can get out and do business with the very quick paths I made. I am an elder female and love how easy this shovel is to use.I will get another one for the garage pad and beyond if needed.

    4 people found this helpful

  28. Linda R. Brandt

    It does a lightweight job

    It works for Texas weather. Used it once. It tends to bend slightly with a full heavy shovelful of snow.

  29. Adam

    A great go-to shovel.

    This shovel came in clutch when I was faced with 15 inches of snow. I was able to dig my way out without significant back pain

  30. Ava Goemo

    Light shovel

    Easy to assemble. Light.

  31. MARK Riptide

    Save your back extraordinary!

    Not your old school shovel save your back if you’re over 50 or even under 50 lo! l fantastic by two give one to the wife! Give it to the kids let them earn their keep!

  32. John T.

    My SJ-SHLV02 Shovel Broke – Snow Joe replaced it

    If you don’t know this already, Snow Joe has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty behind their products, even the shovels. MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER your shovel on Snow Joe’s website to not run into the problem I had getting support.Background: Have purchased a snowblower, extra batteries, and a different shovel SJ-SHLV01-RED in additional to this one SJ-SHLV02 from SnowJoe either from Amazon or from their website. Both shovels that I use from Amazon are great, but this SJ-SHLV02 is superior(NOPE, changed my mind, see UPDATE below). In addition to the strength and throwing capabilities they both give, this one can scrape under to pick up near frozen snow and sometimes ice.I had no problems with anything until yesterday when my SJ-SHLV02 broke. I don’t even know exactly when it happened because the blade initially got a small triangular hole in it near the handle stem, but it kept working with a little snow “leaking” through the blade. I don’t THINK I was being too rough with it, but this thing seems to give the strength of several people when really using it, and it was that sense of unstoppable scraping and lifting that probably did it in. We’ve had our iciest snow in decades in my area (Chicago Area) At 20 degrees F, in typical use with a LOT of heavy snow/ice lifting my blade broke. Took the picture right away, and was still able to use it for another hour in this condition. It’s still looks like this, can scrape under and lift a lot of snow – amazing. I would have(not happily) paid for another one to replace it, because I like it so much.The return: OMG, did I have to be persistent. At first I looked at their website to see what the manufacturer’s warranty was, since I’m almost at 90 days, well past the typical Amazon return window. Shows 2 years, great, I’ll try it out. Called first, gave the model number, described what happened and was told to email a picture of it. Did that. Started to get nice email responses, 1st support ticket generated, new shovel(or part) to be mailed directly to me, no physical return required, also a Warranty Order Number. On that email, notice that the shovel being shipped to me is the older SJ-SHLV01-RED that is my other still working shovel. Respond back to that email(which now generates a 2nd support ticket number) that it’s the wrong shovel. Now I get emails, that the shipment is cancelled, and that my shovel is not registered. Respond back with a .pdf of my Amazon receipt from less than 90 days ago and get no reply. I try to register this shovel on their website, but cannot because there is no serial number on the shovel itself. Next, I start a chat session and to make it quicker give the initial issue, references to the 2 previous support tickets, and a request to get my shovel registered. Get asked for serial number, told it’s on the blade – it isn’t, or at least isn’t anymore from using it. The person on chat asked for my Amazon Invoice Number, (same as provided via email previously) and now my shovel gets registered on-line (I can see it on their website under my account) AND they are shipping a replacement to me. It took me over an hour to do this. Do yourself a favor, either VERIFY that your shovel gets registered on SnowJoe’s website(like my first one did automatically after ordering from Amazon) OR get it registered right away(unlike my second shovel shovel which didn’t get automatically registered from Amazon). Don’t assume like I did.UPDATE: One week later. I received the replacement shovel, however, now I wish I had just gotten the wrong one back instead. I can really appreciate the version that “doesn’t break” vs. the Indestructible version that does. I think it’s the scraper on the bottom that is too good. I have a regular ice scraper for that. I’ll keep the replacement shovel and keep getting a replacement until my warranty runs out in another 21 months. Then will get another non-Poly Carbonite version as my second Snow Joe shovel. Lowered score from 5 to 4 stars.

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  33. cheryl

    Easy snow shovel.

    I liked how easy it is to use.

  34. Colin Slater

    Seems ergonomic

    It was a gift but much appreciated by its recipient

  35. John T Stallworth

    Works as advertised

    The extra handle is awesome and makes it so much easier to shovel! Has worked great and the whole family has used it. Definitely recommend.

  36. Tate Lehnen



  37. edwardT

    Shovel easy

    I love the design. Shovel snow with less effort.

  38. Johnny N.


    10/10 would recommend

  39. Mrsboymom

    Handle bent after 1st use

    Bought 2 at the end of the season in preparation for the next year. Unboxed today, and within 5 minutes the handlebar bent on one (other remains unused.) Would not recommend.Update: Within an hour of contacting the company on the evening of Dec 23, I had a response and a confirmation that another was being shipped. I will say I am impressed with their customer service.

  40. Denise B.

    We bought another one

    This shovel is great! Makes lifting and throwing the snow so much easier we bought a second one for the upper deck.

    3 people found this helpful

  41. ChristopherC71

    Great ergonomics but poor snow scrapper

    I really wanted to like this shovel. It’s really light and that extra handle really help in saving your back and working efficiently!! My issue is this design has really poor scrapping ability. It has a metal edge but it is designed to protect the plastic shovel.This model due to the straight shaft hits the snow and sidewalk at a sharp angle. This gets the shovel stuck on ice snow. Dropping the handle for a better angle helps but leaves a snow film on the sidewalk that does not get scrapped up.I want a sidewalk clean to the cement and this does not cut it. The light build of the shovel makes it even less effective at scrapping. The snow toss on the other hand is awesome!

    One person found this helpful

  42. Bowwow

    Takes bending over out of the equation

    The concept is unique and works fairly well. The extra grip is not adjustable in length so a really tall person still has to bend over quite a bit, while a short person has to stand straight up to use the shovel, which makes throwing the snow forward a little awkward. The shovel head is plastic and bends under heavy weight and the actual leading edge is a piece of steel or aluminum, shaped in a “V” and pressed on to the plastic. This piece of metal is about 24 ga. in thickness. The leading edge is the point of the “V” bend will wear away fairly soon as it is what hits the ground first. Once the “V” bend has worn away the rest of the “V” will detach from the plastic since it is only held in place by pressure and a small bend in the metal. Once this has happened, you will be required to purchase another shovel, even though the rest of the shovel is in good shape. So it’s not a long term investment. I feel the price could be a few bucks cheaper and they should figure out a way to replace the worn out metal leading edge of a small price to add life to the shovel.

  43. sharon f.

    He’s on your back


    One person found this helpful

  44. SeattleChick

    Great Concept, Didn’t Last Long

    Started well, so much easier to lift & move heavy snow. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 2 weeks before the metal edging started to come away from the shovel. Can still use it, but not as good.

  45. Sabrina

    Just what I needed!

    After several heavy snows, it was time for a new, more back-friendly shovel, and I think this one will do the trick. The shovel itself seems to be sturdy and well made. The assembly was simple, but you do have to work at it and really muscle the two handle pieces into place to fit it together. But after that, you’re gold. I’m about 5’ 8” and it worked well for my height, requiring minimal bending of the back and knees to get the job done.I’ve only gotten the chance to test this out once so far, but it was about 6-8in of wet, heavy snow, so it was a good test. Normally, with the amount of sidewalk I have to clear, that would have completely wore me out and I would have been sore the next day. I won’t say that there was no impact, cause my back muscles were still growling at the end, but it did still make a world of difference. With this type of snow, I usually need some type of short break about halfway through, either to give my back or shoulder a rest, but this made it easy enough that I just plowed straight through in one shot. The fulcrum handle really makes a difference and reduces the strain on my back and shoulder a great deal. I would highly recommend this shovel.

  46. Leslie Fineberg

    Definitely strange…

    What a strange shovel… the second handle is kind of useless.

  47. Eric ames

    Good on the back

    This is definitely better on my back and as someone who suffers from scoliosis and chronic back pain it’s definitely good to have it is however harder on the wrists but that’s a risk I’m willing to take it’s great for snow however it gets harder to lift the more snow so if you’re not careful and shovel to much snow it gets harder on your body and im always scared I’ll break it lol so it’s light weight if you’re not shoveling a ton if snow at once like I was

    2 people found this helpful

  48. Ashleigh Matos

    So cool and smart!

    My husband and I had the classic ‘we don’t need this’ / ‘we do need this’ conversation about snow shovels in general. I was browsing my options on Amazon and saw that this one was really good and had an extra handle for back safety. It was predicted to not arrive for a few months, and that was alright with me, but it showed up early! In the middle of an Oklahoma winter month! I was excited for the snow to arrive to try it out. Well, snow it did, and we had no problem shoveling our regular-sized driveway with this shovel. I am female, 5’4″ and 145 lbs and I shoveled the entire driveway with no problems. It’s still a workout, but the weight of the snow was curbed by the extra handle this shovel comes with. We even used it to throw snow at our Husky dog while we played, haha. I’m recommending this to everyone!

    3 people found this helpful

  49. Jeff Kelly


    Its been a month….have used this quite a few times here in Minnesota. Not sure what the negative reviews are about but this thing does not have the feeling of a cheaply made item. Its pretty solid and light weight. It has this springy feel to it when you are shoveling and tossing snow. Its a lot easier than using the regular shovel too. One knock to it is the shovel part. The end of the scoop does not do a good job breaking through the tougher snow…..I have to some times jab at the hard parts. My $20 shovel from Home Depot does this with no issues but not this, it almost feels a big flimsy/fragile.I will obviously respond if something happens but i’ve had cheaper feeling items that have lasted a long time. I have a feeling this thing is going to last quite a while.

  50. Renee K.

    Handle is to short and I am a short person

    Wish the handle was longer. Won’t be using this to actually shovel only for pick up and dump




  52. MurphyinMontana

    Useless for anything but steps.

    Total waste of money for any kind of actual snow shoveling.

  53. Dennis Lee

    Snow Joe Snow Removal Device is a Truly Definitive Back Saving Snow Shovel

    The Snow Joe Shovelution snow shovel is a decently seemingly strong, quite lightweight(2pounds) snow shovel offering, with a reasonable durable and solid two year product warranty; contact phone number at 1.866.766.9563; the Snow Joe snow shovel comes with a simple one page assembly guide.Step Onesimply slide down ones handle to ones desired height of snow shovel handle; that lines up the square cutout holes in snow shovel metal handle(on one side of metal handle);Step Twothen simply insert the square shaped metal threaded screw into the snow shovel handle and then proceed to thread on the black plastic handled knob until tightly affixed; voila one is now done and ready to shovel; one minute max!Simply put this is a Class One lever snow removal device; with two generously sized large D-shaped plastic handles; for use with ones gloved hands of course; their is also a very stiff and durable metal extension band piece firmly affixed and protruding from the base of snow shovel near the top of the snow shovel blade upon which one of the large D-shaped plastic handles is also solidly attached; now the other remaining D-shaped plastic handle is on the the other far end of the metal snow shovel shaft handle.To OperateStep Oneones simply loads ones snow load volume onto ones snow shovel blade like normal; and then proceeds to vertically lift upwards the D-shaped plastic handle with the metal extension band; until one is standing up with ones back/spine is vertically straight up/down;Step Twoone then simply takes one other hand to apply required necessary physical force on the other remaining D-shaped plastic handle to apply necessary directional physical force to propel ones snow shovel to direct ones desired snow shovel volume load sufficient to discharge and unload the contents in the desired direction the snow shovel volume is to be unloaded;Experiencenow this is a suprisingly easy and quite remarkably requires only a fraction of the physical effort required when using a conventional snow shovel; not only was it much easier physically to actually use this snow shovel but I was also able to basically throw the snow load volume on the snow shovel blade twice as far with half the effort;ConclusionI can only simply say that my only regret is not in having a snow removal device like this sooner; it is definitely well worth having this snow removal device to use to remove ones snow; as it handles incredible amounts of snow load volumes with relative physical ease when compared to using a conventional snow shovel; as it is a truly definitive ergonomically designed back saving snow removal device.

    One person found this helpful

  54. Btim3

    surprisingly easy and comfortable to use.

    I have a good steel pusher shovel for driveway/sidewalks but it gets heavy to scoop snow with. I seen the this shovel advertised and all the good reviews but I was very skeptical because of the odd look and my personal dislike of plastic shovels from past experience. However, the good price and free return let me try it out. I was pleasantly surprised at its ability to scoop, throw, and return back for another scoop with less effort than my other shovels even though its the odd duck with my other shovels. My dislikes are mainly with all plastic shovels it has flex with the head when trying to push snow and does not get under packed snow for a good clearing and leaves about a quarter inch of snow on concrete surfaces .

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  55. Tom Sommers

    Broke with first use – updated

    I was just bragging to my wife about this purchase I made almost 3 months ago before any snow had fallen in our area. I really liked the flexible second handle as it really felt like it made a difference in my back tolerating the shoveling of the first significant (for our area) snowfall.I noticed after the first day, however, that the metal strip across the front had fallen off. I should have kept my mouth shut.Good design, manufacturing needs some help.Update – after contacting the company and sending pictures and serial number they sent me a new shovel. I’m sure it will have the same problem as the first but I upped my reviews because customer service was so good

    One person found this helpful

  56. Ramsey

    2 Handles are Better than 1

    I have used tons of different shovel designs but Ill have to admit this is probably the best so far. Much easier to use, durable, and an overall great value

    One person found this helpful

  57. Brenda Wilson

    I love this shovel!

    I bought this about 2 years ago but haven’t had to use it until now. We are in the path of the big winter storm and have gotten a LOT of snow. I just shoveled our driveway and sidewalk this morning, and I can tell you. This does not make the job fun, but it sure makes it easier. The little handle somehow takes the strain off the back, and if you use your knee for a lever, it is almost effortless to throw a load of snow off into the yard. We had maybe 5 inches of light powder, and it worked GREAT. I don’t know how it will deal with the heavy icy mess the snowplow will throw into the driveway, but I can use our heavy snow shovel for that. Even if this lasts only one season, it was well worth the money. As information, I am 5’5 and 110 pounds, 61 year old woman. I shoveled 5 inches of snow off our driveway in around 2 hours. That shows it is easy to use. I love that it is plastic (although I was skeptical about that) because the snow does not freeze to the shovel! That is huge for me. My big heavy metal snow shovels always freeze and the snow won’t let go. So I say BUY THIS. If two of you are going to be shoveling snow, each of you need one.

  58. Tim Schmidt

    Saves your back!

    My grandpa mad a shovel like this many years back so he could more easily use a shovel since he lost his arm below the elbow. We called it the “physicist shovel” because it uses sound science to ease the load. It was a good idea then and a good idea now! I had a shovel similar to this from another manufacturer also and it was a big relief for my back! This one is a more sturdy design also compared to other “back saver” shovels I’ve had. The extra handle is on a springy strip that let’s you easily lift the load and maneuver the shovel.The only trouble I have is that the edge sometimes bites the concrete too hard and stops my motion, but on the flip side that also helps break up tough icy clumps.I definitely recommend this one as an engineer and as a homeowner.

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[ERGONOMIC]: Design improves posture, reduces the need to bend [SHOVEL]: Made of a durable, impact-resistant blade [HANDLE]: The spring-assist handle acts as a fulcrum – changes mechanics of shoveling, reduces strain [EASY TO USE]: Gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease