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10 reviews for Stardrops – The Pink Stuff – The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste : CDs & Vinyl

  1. Gretchen Clough

    Back in July(it’s now November)I decided to try a roasted style brisket, since I have a lovely vintage roaster that would look nice displayed at the party I was hosting.Unfortunately, the brisket was too close to the sides of the foil covered sides, and ended up severely crisping up the inside of the enameled removable roaster pan.I ran the pan through the dishwasher several times. This seemed to only meld the charcoal to the inside of the pan, making it impossible to remove.Sadden by the unusable state of the roasting pan I resigned myself to throwing the entire Olive Green Piece of Nostalgia away. I set it aside and kept finding excuses to not put it in the Bin Outside.A few months later I was looking for something to help clean my calcium and rust stained shower. I found good reviews for this Pink Stuff and decided to give it a shot.At the time I wished I had taken before and after photos because it was an amazing transformation! However, I’m not one to take photos in my bathroom.Last night my husband and I were discussing what to put the turkeys in to keep them warm and tender after we debone them.I lamented about my roaster, and said I wished I had a way to remove the carcinogens from the pearl white walls.I suddenly remembered the Pink Stuff sitting under my sink. I resolved to try one more time to clean the pan.20 minutes and a bit of elbow grease later, the pan looked brand new!The Pink Stuff is truly amazing and versatile!No eye burning chemical smell.It is super tough on whatever you are cleaning, but I didn’t need to wear gloves.The Price is great too!If you’re on the fence, Treat Yo Self to a tub and try it out!

  2. loveandsmiles99

    I am very pleased with this product for my glass cook top. One picture is a “before” of the left side; another picture is the beginning of the cleaning process on the right side (you can still see some of the brown stains); the third is after I used the Pink Stuff mostly on the outside of the cooking surfaces. I have tried other products to get the brown, burnt-on stuff off, and I’ve had a difficult time finding anything that worked. This stuff worked immediately (with a little elbow-grease). Please ignore the centers- I will clean those later, ha ha!! I still had to work to scrub, but this cleaner is so much more effective than anything else I have used. There’s only a very subtle clean scent. The label says it’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and not tested on animals, all of which makes me feel good about using it. The label does warn against using too much pressure when you scrub, but my cook top seemed to be fine after I used it. I will definitely purchase again.

  3. Carol O’Brien

    So far I haven’t disliked anything. I’m always in the market for a new cleaning product especially when it comes to cleaning my fiberglass showers and tubs. I’m not in a place where I can replace them yet but this stuff is amazing. I clean my showers at least three times a week and when I used it for the first time last night I was shocked at the black dirt that accumulated at the bottom of my tub. First of all I clean so often I never would’ve believed that literally black dirt. Now its so shiny and its a really old tub so its getting harder and harder to make it look good but I think I’ve finally found the right product.

  4. emily

    The person that installed my backsplash tile in my kitchen scratched about 30% of the tiles with a chisel. I tried probably 10 other ways to try and get these marks off the tile. A friend recommended the pink stuff so I thought I would give it a whirl. Amazing! It is taking 95% of the marks off when nothing else would. I also used it to clean my 60-year-old porcelain kitchen sink that was mostly gray in the corners from scratches. Took all the scratches off and looks like a brand new sink. Will recommend to everyone I know. Buy this stuff!

  5. Edelweiss123:)

    I wish I would have done before and after pictures because my shower will never get so bad looking again cleaning it with The Pink Stuff! I live in a manufactured home and out in the country-side of town so we have hard water and now have learned high levels of magnesium as well. The hardness would leave my shower with build up and orange stains (the magnesium and calcium combined). No matter the cleaner I could not get it to come off. I tried all the old remedies too…nada! A friend recommended it and promised I’d be impressed and boy was I! I could literally with one wipe remove the buildup on the shower doors! It took a little elbow grease for some other spots but my shower feels brand new again! I was worried about it leaving the surface rough because it does warn about applying too much pressure but again I put in a little elbow grease and the surface still feels smooth. Not to say it won’t create scuffs if I ever did apply too much pressure. However I do highly recommend this for the toughest of jobs!

  6. Alayna

    I purchased this for one reason. I went without my water softener for a few months while waiting for a new one to be installed. My white tub and tile in the shower got very stained and got a lot of tough buildup during this time. I have tried everything to get this out with no luck. I had heard of this pink stuff but thought it was a gimmick. At this point I was desperate for anything that could get my tub looking white again. I used a damp cloth and applied the paste to the really tough buildup and let it sit for a while. In the meantime I used the paste with my cloth and a brush to not so bad areas. It came right off with just a little elbow grease. The really tough spots took a little more scrubbing and I used an old credit card (be careful not to scratch your surfaces doing this) and it actually scraped the really thick buildup right off! My tub was a tough job and did take some work even with this paste but it actually worked unlike everything else I’ve tried including clr. I am very sensitive to harsh cleaners and break out in hives. This was super gentle and didn’t really even have a scent. I highly recommend since it passed my ultimate test. Now on to try it on other things!

  7. Frank

    I live in a small town in MA that has extremely hard water, a very high mineral content. Our brand new black high gloss vanity top had water spots all over it, especially around the drain. We tried everything, soft scrub, white vinegar, even turpentine! I came across this product and thought why not try it, but I had my doubts considering the low price. Well, it worked…I couldn’t believe it! And, as a bonus I didn’t do any damage to the vanity top from my previous efforts.

  8. Jennifer

    I bought this because of all the hype on TikTok, and I wasn’t expecting much to be honest I have these glass shower doors that have been water marked for a while, I usually use a magic eraser, but that doesn’t take them away very well. But after putting this on a microfiber towel, and simply rubbing it in, it is as clear as it was the day we bought them, I cannot believe this! I can’t wait to clean other things ! I would recommend gloves, because I didn’t use gloves, and I can feel my finger is a little scratched up from the little particles that has in it.

  9. Dolores Arzaga

    Omg!! My fellow Amazon shoppers, you are totally going to enjoy using this product. I provided a picture of my Kaepa white shoes side by side. I cleaned one shoe with The Pink Stuff. I wore gloves to protect my hands (cleaning gloves), It doesn’t have any scent to it however, when I took a tiny bit of the product; immediately I was able to feel some grains. I applied it to the shoe sole on the side, the dirt was removed immediately. You do have to scrubbed very lightly and use gentle strokes because it will damage and scratch your item. I also cleaned the shoe laces and they came out white; and no bleach was needed!! The price is a steal and I truly respect the product and recommend it to anyone.

  10. Pinkfelicity

    Great product. I hadn’t clean the side of my fridge for 8 years and it grimes all over . I was looking for a good product to use when I saw this . I have to say by far the best there is in the market right now . Price is my bad either . It doesn’t have a strong smell like most cleaning products and it’s great for cleaning all types of surfaces . Note :I have an old fridge , the side of my fridge is like leather kind with magnet. It works without damaging the surface .

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