Snow Joe SJBLZD-LED 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom

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[BEST USE]: Clearing snow and ice from cars and trucks, day or night [NON-ABRASIVE]: 18 in. l x 7 in. non-abrasive foam head pushes heavy, wet snow off vehicles without damaging paint, trim, or glass [LED LIGHTS]: Four led lights emergency blinker function for nighttime illumination [ICE SCRAPER]: Built-in ice scraper quickly clears icy build-up on windshields [BRACKET HOLDER]: Secures pole for easy storage [TELESCOPIC]: Auto-locking telescoping pole with dual foam grips adjusts from 33 in to 52 in. [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Weighs only 1.5 lbs for easy handling

Snow Joe SJBLZD-LED 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom for safe winter travel. A revolutionary 4-in-1 device, illum-n-broom is a snow broom, ice scraper, flashlight, and emergency blinker all in one convenient and compact tool. Now you can safely sweep snow and scrape ice off your car day or night, without damaging its paint, trim, or glass. And illum-n-broom’s telescoping pole extends from 33 to 52 inches to easily access the snow piled on top of your car’s roof or trunk. Four powerful LED lights instantly brighten your task, and the built-in blinker doubles as an emergency flasher when you really need to be noticed. Plus, illum-n-broom stows neatly inside your car, so it’s always ready when you need it. Just sweep, scrape, and illuminate! Weight: 1.5 lb. Imported. Requires two AAA batteries (batteries not included).


Telescoping Snow Broom

Telescoping Snow Broom

Telescoping Snow Broom


Telescoping Snow Broom




Telescoping Snow Broom





Telescoping Snow Broom

Telescoping Snow Broom


Telescoping Snow Broom




Telescoping Snow Broom


Product Dimensions

7 x 18 x 52 inches

Item Weight

1.5 pounds


Snow Joe



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4.5 out of 5 stars

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#123 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #4 in Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes #10 in Snow Removal Tools #22 in Car Care

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60 reviews for Snow Joe SJBLZD-LED 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom

  1. smallblock

    light weight

    looks good, even has a light built init should work good, but we havent had any snow since I got itwill update when I actually use it

  2. Janie Christiansen

    Love, love, love this item for removing deep snow from my car

    This saves so much time, and so much wear and tear on as and backs.. clears piles of snow at once.. easily.. plus has scrapper on the end that holds up against ice. Bought two more as gifts⭐

  3. lcc

    a couple of drops of super glue would have gone a long way

    The first time I assembled this (not used, just assembled) the telescoping handle would not retract. So I spent the next 15 minutes tearing the thing apart and assembling it the way it should have been done in the first place.The handle opens and closes by twisting; an internal screwed mechanism opens and closes when twisted. HOWEVER, this mechanism is only held in place by a punch set. So not only can and will this come loose and allow the mechanism to turn freely, thus preventing the the pole from collapsing, this attachment method also makes it very difficult to get the plastic collar out as it’s held from being released from the pole but not being prevented from rotating.Basically, expect at some point to extend the pole and then be unable to collapse it again. Unless you’re willing to pull the thing apart (not that easy, btw) and affix the collars in place properly. This thing is cheap, and it feels like it; I’ve gotten better quality from the Dollar Tree.Also, the clips that hold the head and handle together for storage don’t hold the head and handle together. Just picking the handle is enough for the clips to slip and let the head fall off. Maybe the added weight of the leds exceeds the design tolerances for which the clips were engineered to handle.This thing is cheap and yet still feels overpriced. The purchase price to cost-of-materials difference would be easily overlooked except that it’s just frustratingly poor in its execution: the collapsible pole won’t collapse and the clips don’t securely clip. Just buying a window washer squeegee and rubber banding a micro fiber cloth over the head would probably work just as well, if not better, and would feel higher quality.

    3 people found this helpful

  4. RG

    It works

    All in all, it works for what I needed. It pushes show off the cars, roofs, hoods, trunk, windows etc.Is it the sturdiest piece, nope, did the scraper fall off, yep, but did push over a foot of snow off 3 cars without issue.

  5. Randy Maynard

    Works great for removing snow of the truck!

    This works great at removing light or heavy snow. Doesn’t damage or scratch paint on the car. Has worked great from 2-6” of snow fall. Only complaint is the on/off switch, it seems chinsy. Time will tell but I’ve only used the light function twice.

  6. A. Kinney

    Simple to use.

    I bought two at first. I purchased one for my best friend and later my nephew was impressed by them so, I purchased a third for him! They are very easy to use. I just hope that I won’t have to use them too much this Winter! (Lol)I highly recommend these. Very useful product. 👍🏾👍🏾

  7. Nick

    wish I bought this sooner

    this thing is a beast . pushes the snow off of the car so easily. wish I bought this earlier. the lights are useless on this and not bright at all .

  8. Julie C

    Not user friendly

    Every time I used this it wants to come apart or is difficult to keep extended. During ice and snow storms I’ve had to take off my gloves to screw it together or just to get it to extend and then try to keep it from collapsing. What a pain. The ice scraper is useless. The foam piece does work well to scrape off large chunks of snow and there’s no worry about scratching your vehicle. That’s the only good thing about it. But keeping it extended is such a dang chore. Screwing it together is a chore. So no I can’t recommend. I’ll likely go back to a broom for next winter and a quality ice scraper.

  9. bevbraxcan

    Did not realize that the blade is styrofoam (or styrofoam-like)

    I dislike the sound of styrofoam! Fortunately I’ve only had to use it a few times this year. Works faster and more efficiently than my old smaller brush & scraper.

  10. Chris

    Nice, easy to handle.

    I love the Snow Joe, it is easy to handle/use, I ordered one because my neighbor was using it on her suv our last snowstorm, she let me use it and I loved it.

  11. M.

    Great tool for snow removal kit

    This combination scraper/squeegee is a great inclusion in your existing snow kit for your car and I’ll explain why. The size of the foam squeegee and the extendable handle is perfect for fast snow removal, especially if you are vertically challenged like me and struggle to get the roof and windshield. It is long enough to easily push the snow away from yourself instead of pulling it down onto yourself.The fact that the squeegee end twists off and clips flat on the handle is simultaneously its greatest strength AND weakness. It is fantastic for storage, but moderate for usage. I once owned a non-folding snow squeegee and it was annoying to keep in my car so this is an improvement!I found that using this squeegee at certain angles caused the foam head or extendable handle to twist loose. I frequently had to pause and tighten it or adapt my motions so I did not twist the foam head off. The scraper end of it is great to use fully extended, but works best without the large clunky squeegee end attached.Because of the length and shape of this tool, it is also not the best option to clean off the sides of your car in tight spaces, specifically. I use it in combination with a shorter scraper/brush when I am parked close to other cars.In summary, it is a versatile tool if a bit fiddly. Regardless, the reach is FANTASTIC for a short person, both when scraping ice and pushing off snow. The lights seem like they will be helpful at night time and the foam grips keep your hands warm. I have recommended it to several friends and coworkers.

    10 people found this helpful

  12. GT

    Great concept. Poor design.

    I bought this last December, tired of brushes where after a few uses the bristles would splay out and render the tool useless. I figured the broom design would be better, and easier to use. And I was correct – for the first few uses, which were light, powdery snows. But I would avoid using this for wet snows. It still pushed away the snow with great ease – but the weight was too much, and the handle snapped off right where it went into the head. There was no way to reattach. This year, I see there’s a “new” version, at a lesser price. But it looks the same design, so I’ll pass. It still works as a long handled ice scraper, but a broken boom is no better than a splayed out brush. (And of course, it lasted long enough to miss the return window, because that’s the way things are made these days.)

    13 people found this helpful

  13. Suzi

    Snow Joe left me in the Snow!

    The parts didn’t screw together properly. The “broom/scraper” kept separating. I expected hard rubber type “broom/scraper. In stead, I got styrofoam!! I kept it because I purchased prior to the winter season.

    5 people found this helpful

  14. S Tyler

    While it extends to a nice length, it doesn’t stay locked in place

    Liked the length it extends to and it pushes the snow nicely but unfortunately, while in use, it does not stay locked in place

    One person found this helpful

  15. Greg L.

    Snow joe

    Neutral on this item. Purchased as a gift and haven’t had any feedback, good or bad

    One person found this helpful

  16. NatMat283

    Its a life saver

    Living in Northern Pennsylvania we get snow and ice. Not tons like in higher elevations but enough. I had cancer a couple times and my lungs are shot so cleaning my car off is always difficult. This snow pusher/scraper is wonderful. I require less effort to remove more snow than is capable with a “standard” scraper/brush. I couldn’t attest to someone who is elderly or handicapped but I would think this tool would be a great help to them. The light is however in my opinion useless.It says it is telescopic but I cant get mine to extend. Im not that weak but holy geez I can’t figure it out. The instructions say to twist and extend but nope. It is super light. Again, probably even light enough for an elderly person. I think the description says 1.5 lbs. Thats little more than a pack of Kraft Singles. It is sturdy as heck. The head twists onto the handle and seems to be tight even after a whole winter of use. I like being able to snap the pole onto the base too. I can slide it behind my drivers seat. It is a sturdy well designed tool and is something I will always have in my car and as indispensable as my tire jack.

    7 people found this helpful

  17. Sayed Ahmed

    Could be made better

    Could be made better but for the money it’s good I guess

    2 people found this helpful

  18. John P.

    Below average

    The pole screws into the brush head which is fine, however, the plastic screw piece is poorly secured inside the metal pole. Basically a friction fit with a small set of indentations to hold position. So, when you screw it in if you over tighten it slightly, it will strip and spin inside the pole which causes it to never stay in position as you use it – it’s forever flopping around with no way to hold it flat against the car. I fixed it by drilling a hole thru the pole and plastic screw and putting a nail thru the holes and bending it over, like a makeshift cotter pin. Now it doesn’t spin. I also added some super glue to the threads so it won’t back out at the screw. Pain in the butt but I wasn’t gonna toss it, especially after I saw them for $5 less on the rack at Walmart. It became a quest to make it work at that point and I did. The scraper end is useless and awkward. It would be better with a handle or just a cap on the end of the pole. I wanted to like this, and to be fair it will move the snow — it’s just poorly made.

    2 people found this helpful

  19. 《*KL¥nL¤k€1018*》


    Can’t say enough good things about this tool. It cut cleaning snow off my car a breeze. What would usually take me 5-8 minutes to get the snow off my vehicle with a traditional snow brush… the SnowJoe took me only 2 minutes and did so much better of a job. Also a plus the SnowJoe is softer and more gentle on my cars paint then my old brush. My old brush pretty sure most definitely left microscratches all over my KIAS paint. 😕😲If you’re on the fence about this purchase, don’t be… just buy it!❄🌨☃️~ I will leave an update pertaining to the durability and sturdiness of this product soon. However, with my purchase, (to my surprise) I did receive a 2 year and 90 day warranty. Which really shows me that they back their product. So any defects the SnowJoe may get with normal wear and tear (if any) should not be a concern because of my warranty. 😊**Every snowjoe purchase includes a 2 year and 90 day warranty with your subscription at**

  20. Amber Ruhter

    works like expected

    This worked great the few times I have used it. I don’t find the lights to be useful at all. But they don’t affect how the item works. It pulled a good 8 inches of snow off my truck with no problem! I would definitely buy it again.

  21. LM Rho

    Not positive about it

    Seems like a perfectly good product as I look at it, but I do question whether or not it’s got longevity of life for a Wisconsin winter which is where I live. I do like that it comes apart and has a telescoping handle that clicks onto the head. I’ve only had to use it once so far this winter so I don’t have a real feel for its long-term performance, but it seems like it might not really hold up. Only time will tell

  22. Stephanie VA.

    It works for my SUV

    Only used it once. But it worked very well. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars all all around is because when you register this item, they send way too many emails about other products. I only registered this item, because of its warranty, not to get many emails.

    One person found this helpful

  23. Nick M.

    Great for snow, don’t use if there’s ice

    This brush works great, but only if it’s soft snow. The second time I used it, it snowed the night before followed by light rain which froze the top layer of snow. After a couple of minutes of use, the foam began to rip in a few spots. Nothing major (yet) but it’s obviously going to spread as I continue to use the brush.

    3 people found this helpful

  24. G. S. Cook

    Good for a lot of snow..

    I get tired of pushing snow off my car’s roof with a little scraper, which doesn’t move much at a time. This one is going to be great for that. What’s NOT so great – it doesn’t fold back out of the way. So it takes up a LOT of space. And it would be great if they could figure a way to add a squeegee for those days when you just need to clean off a light layer of snow. So now my back seat is full with two scrapers.

  25. Kent A. Christen

    The snow broom is great, the ice scraper is not

    I purchased this in 2019 and used it in four Iowa winters (2019-2022). The snow broom works great. I’ve used it to clean off a 2015 Tacoma with a topper and a 2020 Gladiator.I hadn’t used the ice scraper portion until yesterday. When I used it, the part of the scraper portion that wraps around the handle cracked and the scraper fell off.

  26. User44567

    Pretty good but doesn’t stand up to lots of snow

    Great product, especially like how it comes apart for easy storage. However, when pushing more than 4-5 inches of snow, the extendable arm will collapse which is less than ideal. The size is great for larger vehicles and the soft foam is excellent for protecting paint.

    One person found this helpful

  27. Jenna Stahle

    Foam end clears snow well but twists off

    Both ends of this product do their job well but the snow broom that clears snow untwists pretty easily. Makes it frustrating when you’re trying to clear your car and the end keeps untwisting even when you twist it tight to begin with. They should make this part attach tighter/better to avoid untwisting.

    One person found this helpful

  28. Tony

    Best snow removal tool

    Clears a vehicle quickly and easily

  29. H. Morris


    This is by far the best thing to keep in your car if you live in snowy areas. My one qualm is the handle often unscrews from the foam piece that pushes the snow off the car and the extender often collapses while pushing snow. Otherwise, it’s gentle on the car but sturdy enough to push feet of snow off the car. The light feature is nice but I never needed it.

  30. Mikeb

    Good Product!

    Just what I expected! I will be buying again in the future 🙂

  31. Piper

    digging out made easier

    Lightweight and works well for suv height.. It folds down well and takes up less space than some car rakes. The only problem with this item is that the screw threads on the pole don’t tighten down into the shovel. I used teflon plumbing tape and stopped it from unscrewing while in use. Easy fix.. so I’m not unhappy with it overall.

    One person found this helpful

  32. johnnyjjj

    Works well–IF the stick stays screwed in place

    Great idea,works better than any other similar item. But the stick is a problem. It refuses to stay screwed in place while in use so constantly having to re-secure it, and also doesn’t stay in place in the storage posture.

  33. Adirondack Girl

    Perfect snow removal product.

    This is the best product to remove heavy snow from the top of any truck or car. I ordered 3 of them for everyone in my family. They were so happy. They also love it and it is so easy to use.Thank you!

    One person found this helpful

  34. Ross Tardif

    Works great!

    Great for the snow without the damage to the vehicle like most brushes. The lights are not as strong as I expected but they work non the less. Don’t really think I’ll use that feature much though.

  35. Lynn

    Second purchase, fantastic product!

    We had one of these I purchased in 2019 and 3 of us used it after every a storm. CO snow is dry like powder so I can’t say how it’s do in wet heavy snow but it’s been great for our needs! Quick and easy removal of large amounts of snow. Only buying one again because we lost our other one.

    3 people found this helpful

  36. Cheryl Woodbury

    Love this.

    This product is amazing!! I love it. It’s easy to use and clears snow off vehicle quickly. Would highly recommend this.

    One person found this helpful

  37. B. Aday

    It works

    Easy to set up and take apart. Easy to use, my tall SUV gets a good snow removal before I drive. Haven’t needed the leds yet.

    3 people found this helpful

  38. Darryl Hickman

    Works great

    Needed this to push the snow off of my hot tub cover! Works great!

    One person found this helpful

  39. Luis Ángel

    Muy buena compra

    Es perfecto para la nieve

  40. Jade Williams

    Easy Peasy!

    2 snowstorms in one week and so happy that I bought this. Makes cleaning off the car easy. I struggle with extending the length on the handle so my son does it. Overall I highly recommend!!

    5 people found this helpful

  41. jeremy c kuehnert

    SnoJoe w/ lights

    flexible, doesn’t scratch, the lights are great at night. Only complaint is during use the head can spin and come loose. I still recommend getting one especially for trucks or suvs the telescopic pole it is attached makes reaching the snow easy and it is sturdy enough that it does give when pulling back.Great SnoJoe

    One person found this helpful

  42. Big Dave

    Could be built stronger

    Worked well for m in New England snows. Plenty long enough for my cars and truck. For 5 stars I would have expected to see a side angle brackets on the handle to base/sweep for stability. Without these I expect the handle to prematurely snap off the base/sweep.

  43. Peter

    Good at removing light snow fast.

    Bought this as my only means of vehicular snow removal. It got me through these last 5 decent north-eastern snow storms. Worked very well at removing fresh, light snow from vehicle fast. For heavy, wet snow, you are (and expectedly) not going to push it off, but rather pull it towards you with some effort. It’s nice to note that you will not have to worry about scratching your car with the big foam head. I thought the lighting feature to be rather useless and “gimmick-y”, but not an issue. My one complaint with it is that the foam head constantly wants to unscrew from the telescoping pole while you’re brooming the car. Also thought they could’ve made it a bit longer to get the roof better, and this is coming from a 6’0″ individual. Still happy with it nonetheless and would recommend it for the right price.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Flp


    The size is a bit awkward, and the threaded handle insert makes the head unscrew a bit if pressure is applied against the threading. This is why only 4 stars. Otherwise i like the soft-not-too-soft snow clearing head, the telescoping handle is great for clearing larger vehicles, and scraper is functional even when extended. I don’t use the LED function so no feedback there.

    One person found this helpful

  45. Seth

    Ignore reviews regarding receiving damaged products. Read more in my review.

    Biggest thing, ignore those too lazy to call amazon to have a broken item replaced, and blaming it on the company when in reality, amazon has warehouses full of these things, and they get damaged in the warehouse and in shipping, and literally has nothing to do with the overall quality. I find the majority of bad reviews are due to laziness and feeling that they must let everyone know how horrible the product is, without actually using the product in the first place.Now here is my review.Feels very sturdy and the telescoping mechanism is far more superior over the previous generation I bought almost 4 years ago. The scraper works great, of course I was smart enough to let the defrosters do their thing instead of hacking away at solid ice that would break almost any scraper. Its that thing called plastic, and plastic doesn’t work very well against hard materials. Who knew?! I love my new snow broom and I cannot wait to clear off my car everytime it snows. One biggest thing, this does nothing for the hard ice layers. Let the car warm up a little bit first.

    One person found this helpful




  47. Grandma

    Snow Broom and Scraper

    I needed something to help me remove snow from my truck and SUV. The long handle makes this much easier for me. The scraper has done a good job removing ice and having an adjustable handle makes that job much easier. I also like the option of the lights so I can see better when the lighting outside is low.

  48. Alex Garcia

    Extending feature doesn’t work

    The design is good, the material feels sturdy, and the fact that it folds up is super useful. However, I tried to lock it out while extended and whenever I went to push the snow it kept falling back down. I tried to lock it at multiple different points and no matter where I tried it would not lock. Also, the broom itself keeps twisting and turning making it incredibly difficult to actually push any snow consistently.

  49. Heather

    Very helpful tool.

    We live on a mountain pass and have 3 vehicles that get buried in snow. Brooms don’t really work. Especially with wet heavy snow. These work really well and are much faster.The reasons for 4 stars:The aluminum in the telescoping handle with plastic buttons seems a little weak. Don’t know how long it will hold up before we need to replace it.I’m pretty short (5’1″) and though this telescopes for reach which is great, it really needs foam padding down the shaft of the handle in spots where because of my height, I hit the top edge of the roof. On my old car, no big deal. In my new white pearl work car… it’s a problem. Will have to apply a foam wrap to prevent further scratches.Lastly, the foam head really does work, but I’m not sure how long it will hold up. With the heavy snow and icy snow, it is showing a little roughness to the edge.Over all though, we like it and would buy it again.

    One person found this helpful

  50. Shey Miller


    I don’t believe this would be effective against a heavy significant snow fall, however, it has been quite helpful in the powdery snow we have gotten thise year. I bring it inside with me in days when snowfall is forecast, and many of my coworkers will ask to borrow it.

  51. Christen

    It’s great.

    I do love this, knocked off a star, however, because I have to constantly tighten the blade so as not to unscrew. Otherwise, it works well – definitely the most efficient way of clearing snow from a vehicle.

  52. Michael B

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to do

    Works great for removing snow. Ice scraper works great too although it’s not very ergonomic unless you unscrew the snow pusher be pretty scraping ice. I definitely recommend this

    One person found this helpful

  53. Anthony J Speranza

    First one arrived cracked

    I ordered this which took a week to arrive even with Prime only to open it from the box and noticed the ice scraper end had a crack in it where it connected to the handle. I reached out to Amazon for an exchange only to wait another week! Got the new one and used it once so far and it worked good for the little bit of snow we had. The LED lights are not as impressive as I thought (not very bright) but I guess we will see what they do in the dark if used. Over all it seems pretty good for the price.

  54. Robert MacDonald

    AMAZING product

    I live in Vermont where we get TONS of snow, and you need a good brush to get your car cleaned off. My husband ordered this, and first i was a bit skeptical. But when i was able to clean my SUV off in under 5 minutes by just pushing the snow off the car i was sold. The extending handle extends to the total width of my car, and it so easy to handle i can do it with one hand. I love the light feature as well. I work late nights and over nights, and leaving in the dark and cleaning off your car in the dark is no fun. But i just turned on the lights on the brush and it lit the whole top of the car and allowed me to see just what i was cleaning off.I totally suggest this to anyone who lives in a place where you get insane amounts of snow. My mother actually bought a snow broom, and it was horrible. so i got her a snow joe and she loves it.


    Great to push off snow but breaks easily

    Loved this when I was pushing off snow on my truck, issue is it gets loose at the base and literally snapped off. needs to have a sturdier way to fasten to the pole without breaking

  56. Shantay

    Great snow remover

    Used this all winter and it removes snow quickly and easily. Works great for the top of the truck too. We get 1’+ Of snow in NYC so this was definetely a life saver at 5 am getting ready for work during the winter.

  57. sergio alvarez

    Smart if you care about car paint

    This product is perfect for those who are conscious about a vehicle’s paint job. If you didn’t know most car brushes/ice combos sold at auto parts/gas stations have nylon fiber brushes, these are very harsh on a vehicle’s paint coat very soon you will notice “swirls” and marks on your vehicle not knowing it was the brush, which leads me to say, although times have changed , never put your vehicle through an automatic car wash or you will have the same result because of nylon bristle brushes. But many new car washes have changed to microfiber but not all.

  58. thomas lasker

    It’s foam and it’s as sturdy as 17 bucks will get you

    Why the hell does this have lights! If you can’t see the snow on your car….you shouldn’t be driving..This thing is good for the money. It’s a plastic thread on the handle, so be careful not to over tighten. Again, 17 bucks is reasonable.

  59. Ron

    Better than a broom

    Works well. Sometimes the handle spins loose on the push pad. Trying to push a heavier snow the extension pole will retract on its own. Sturdy, works pretty good. Doubt the lights will be useful to me but they’re available. Bottom line- I would recommend this purchase.

  60. A Drake

    If you are short and own a large vehicle, Snow Joe is going to be your new friend!

    I’ve had this Snow Joe about 2 weeks and it has snowed 5 times in that period. I bought a Traverse this summer and I am 4’11” and when winter rolled around it occured to me, winter might be a little tough because lots of spots on the SUV I couldn’t reach to properly clean off. This product was suggested to me and so far I am thrilled with the purchase. I put batteries in it for the 2 headlights and they are suprisingly bright. It telescopes to a good length for me to clean my windshield and roof as well as back window and tops of my doors. The scraper on the opposite end is sturdy. I am wondering how the foam head is going to hold up especially if you have snow that has a thick layer of ice under it or really wet snow that all freezes and I will probably update this review as I use the product a bit more and see how it holds up. So far, great investment.

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[BEST USE]: Clearing snow and ice from cars and trucks, day or night [NON-ABRASIVE]: 18 in. l x 7 in. non-abrasive foam head pushes heavy, wet snow off vehicles without damaging paint, trim, or glass [LED LIGHTS]: Four led lights emergency blinker function for nighttime illumination [ICE SCRAPER]: Built-in ice scraper quickly clears icy build-up on windshields [BRACKET HOLDER]: Secures pole for easy storage [TELESCOPIC]: Auto-locking telescoping pole with dual foam grips adjusts from 33 in to 52 in. [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Weighs only 1.5 lbs for easy handling