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Versace Dreamer Edt Spray For men. Versace Dreamer for Men 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray: Buy Versace Colognes – Versace, the Dreamer, is an innovative clear and smooth blend between wild and aromatic plants including juniper, mugwort, and tarragon.Versace Dreamer Spray An essential beginning allowing an almost immediate glimpse of the richness, refinement, highest quality of reach. Cologne for Men 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray Suspended between sensuality and transparency, freshness and intensity, this fragrance dreams. A starry sky wraps up the box, and the bottle is decorated with two classic Versace motifs – the Medusa and the classical Greek fret. Notes: Juniper, Artemisia, Tarragon, Linen Seed Flowers, Amber, Lily, Iris. Style: Fresh. Sophisticated. Sensual. Recommend Use: Day, Evening, Night


1.7 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 3.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 3.38 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)


DREAMER, Versace, Dreamer, Floral, Tarragon

10 reviews for Versace Dreamer Edt Spray For men

  1. Karen Pedri

    One of the best colognes you can get for such a low price. Or any price really. The scent is great. As other reviewers have noted, the opening can be a bit harsh. Not necessarily offensive, but very strong and not necessarily likable. But after a few minutes you’re left with an amazing mix of tobacco and flowers that is unique and lasts for hours. I’d say it lasts for 5-7 hours but your nose does become numb to the smell after a while so unsure. Additionally, this is a very gender neutral scent. If I smelled it on a man, I wouldn’t doubt it was a cologne. If I smelled it on a woman, I’d think it was a more masculine/unique perfume. It somehow works though.Compared to more pricey colognes like Dior’s Sauvage, the longevity obviously is not as great (barely). But the thing is, colognes are cheap to make. Manufacturers don’t necessarily price it based on quality, it’s based on quality. Any other run of the mill expensive cologne will be worn by EVERYONE. This is why though Sauvage is likable, it doesn’t get compliments. Cause it’s smelled constantly. Your partner’s ex probably wore it. Meanwhile with the Dreamer, it’s more unique and therefore even though people are more mixed on how much they like it (it’s not an offensive scent by any means but not everyone will love it), it’ll get you more compliments simply cause it’s not smelled as often. It has character. I’d recommend going with a scent like the Dreamer for your “signature scent”. It will work in almost any instance, perhaps not on really hot/humid days, but even then you can probably get away with it if you don’t spray too much. Wear it after showering, when going out to run errands, travelling in general. Those that know you will begin to associate the unique and alluring scent with you. And if you work in an office or want to play it more safe one day, get a more generically liked scent to wear in those situations just so everyone around you enjoys it.However, fair warning. Do not buy from ANY SELLER that is not amazon. If you look at their seller reviews, most of them sell fake products and then delete negative reviews on the seller. The one I ordered from was a few bucks cheaper but it never came. I got no response from the seller and had to go for Amazon for a refund. They claimed the seller “lost it” but I highly doubt that since they get reviews daily about customers never receiving their product. Ordered it from Amazon, got it within two days and its the real deal.

  2. Dee Black

    It smells good but don’t last long

  3. Katelyn Walker

    Smells clean and fresh

  4. Ariel Gaitan

    This perfume smells so good in my skin. Thank you guys.

  5. Chad Simmons


  6. Mark

    It smells nice, but doesn’t last very long.

  7. Melodie Myers

    Love the soft smell

  8. Brandon bayan

    For Versace it was on the cheaper side……and smells good

  9. Kirk Weathersby

    Only use if you want women all over you. Smells amazing 👏 😋

  10. Nazmul

    Smells like a soapy fragrance with hints of tobacco. It lasts on my skin for 4-5 hours

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